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a/n: when to look forward to updates

hi, it's been...a year? and a half? well, to be honest, i never really intended to write more. i always had drafts here and there, little ideas of the little things that might've happened for this little thing.

this story was my baby back in 2018, and now, in 2020, i honestly can't even read it myself.

that being said, i still appreciate all the love that this book had received, and somehow, someday, i think i intend to rewrite/continue this book, but of course, at a better standard than it was.

for now, literally less than a week before my exams (which im scared sh*tless for), i hope this satisfies all of the comments saying "please update!" because there probably wont be one in a while.

i plan to hopefully rewrite the entire book somewhere in november? which isn't that long, but it honestly depends.

for this chapter, it was basically supposed to be will and tessa going on their first *official* date. how exciting.

i wrote the bulk of this last year (it doesn't represent my writing skill as of late haha) and i added a few sentences here and there for a short snippet.


"You know what sucks?" Will asked, hand still holding onto Tessa's as they took a stroll in Hyde Park at night, the only people present.


"No, it was a rhetorical question, you were supposed to answer with - wait, chocolate? You dislike chocolate? Of all good things?" Will's face dramatically contorted in disgust, "You could dislike many good things, reading, writing, but chocolate? I think that's a sin."

"You're a sin," Tessa retorted.

"Yeah, I'm a sin for being a sexbomb. A really sexy sexbomb," Will grinned like the five year old child he was.

"You said 'sex' three times in one sentence, so yeah, I'm pretty sure you're a sin." Tessa played along, "And unfortunately, I try not to sin, other than disliking chocolate, of course, so, unfortunately, this will be the last time we see each other."

"I'm terribly sorry, but I would like to remain pure, and being with a sin...well, that can't possibly look good, can it?" Tessa continued.

Will's jaw dropped. "For your information, sex is not a sin, it's a natural occurrence, the equivalent of mating in animals, which is, in fact, quite essential in continuing the existence of our species," Will scoffed.

Tessa laughed, because, there really wasn't any point arguing with Will anymore, that boy was always very adamant on his ideals, so much so that it got insufferable sometimes. But that made Will, Will.


i don't know if i intend to finish this, but it was honestly supposed to be about stargazing which i felt was pretty cute at the time. we'll get there when we get there.

see you when i see you! <3

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