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"So...What are you guys?" the red-head inquired, staring intensively at the poor brunette who was being interrogated by her three best friends.

"Honestly? I don't know. We're dating— I guess? It's not official yet though, like, we're not boyfriend-girlfriend, if that's what you're asking," Tessa muttered, unable to quite keep the bitterness in her voice inside of her.

"Yet, you mean," Isabelle jumped in, smirking at Tessa, "Not official yet."

"Call me paranoid, but somehow I get the feeling that whatever the hell we're having is either, one, not real, or two, not going to last," Tessa sighed, weaving a hand through her hair.

"Whatever. Captain America: Civil War, anyone?" Tessa suggested, wanting to dodge the topic, reaching for the remote control that sat atop the coffee table.

"I didn't know you liked that movie," Will muttered aloud, with a sad smile on his face, shocking everyone with his presence, "Can I have a word with you, Tessa?"

"Sure," Tessa said aloud, though she thought, 'I'm screwed.'

Will had pulled, no, dragged Tessa into his room, shutting the door closed and locking the door, preventing anyone on barging in.

"You know," Will started, leaning his muscular build on the wooden door.

"I didn't expect you to think like that of our...of our...you-know-what," Will said, unable to come up with a term for what they were, or where they stood, because, if he was honest, he didn't know either.

"That's the thing, Will," Tessa said lowly, "Even you can't pinpoint what we are, can you?"

She inched closer to Will, who was still leaning on that wooden door. Looking back into those mesmerising violet-blue eyes, wishing she could fall into them and never get out, to never have that conversation.

"What are we?" Tessa murmured when she was but centimetres from Will.

"Tessa, I think..." Will said, before he stopped, mid-sentence.

"I-I can't do this," Will said hastily, opening the door and letting Tessa out, dazed, confused, and hurt. Maybe she expected something, something that could've been too much for Will. Was everything going too fast? Too slow? She couldn't even think straight, as she walked back to where the other girls were, watching and ogling over Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth.

Obviously, the others had been trying to listen in on their conversation, as the background sound of the television had been dialed down so low, no one could hear what Natasha Romanoff was saying. The moment Tessa graced Isabelle, Cecily and Clary with her presence, the others could tell that something had went wrong, much to their guesses due to the muffled voices of Will and Tessa.

Without a moment's hesitation, the three enveloped Tessa in a ginormous hug, leading her back to the living room area, where they started trying to console her.

"If you don't mind me asking though, what did you guys talk about?" Cecily finally broke the silence to say, the curiosity burning inside of her.

And so, Tessa told her three best friends everything that had happened, whilst Will laid down on his bed, and stared at his ceiling fan as it made its continuous rounds to circulate air, lost in thought, the usual smirk on his face gone.

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