Eight | Such Great Expectations, Pun Intended

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word count: 1932

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word count: 1932

The day had been torturously slow. Time took its time to crawl by, while Tessa had been yearning for the bell to ring, to signal the start of lunch. Sleep seemed like it was trying to persuade Tessa to go to Dream Land, and it took everything in her not to abide to its requests. That was the aftermath of staying up late cramming for the test earlier that day, and waking up an hour earlier to cram more.

And how much sleep Tessa got? Barely five hours.

"You look like you died," Isabelle stated, about to swish out her magic makeup brushes to help Tessa touch up. "No thanks," Tessa said, pushing Izzy's hand that was touching her eye bags away.

"I take it you took it upon yourself to study so hard yesterday your soul flew out of yourself?" Will said, in a very calm manner.

"And you probably didn't study," Tessa muttered, reaching for a bag of sandwiches that she had brought, holding up a book and eating whilst reading.

"Advanced Chem? Seriously?" Clary said upon arrival at their table with a tray of food. She picked up Tessa's book, earning a glare from Tessa, and closed it, putting it as far as she could, away from Tessa.

"You don't have to be studying twenty four-seven, you know," Cecily piped in.

"Yeah. I mean, I get that you need to do well in your studies to uphold that scholarship you told me about but—" Will said, getting interrupted.

"Scholarship? What scholarship? Tessa, why didn't you tell us?" Izzy, Clary, and Cecily all asked at the same time.

"I...I guess I saw no need to," Tessa muttered, "none of y'all asked, anyway."

"What's it about though? I'm intrigued now," Cecily added on, looking intently at the poor little brunette.

"Well, I came to this school on a scholarship, because of all the schools nearby, this had offered the best one, but the conditions to uphold it was tougher, so my ass is kinda beat over trying to keep it," Tessa explained, sighing.

"Kinda beat? Think again," Will added, irrelevant.

"Damn, yeah. I think I've heard of it. Many have come in with it but lose it in the middle of the year. Plus, they all transfer out because the school fees aren't exactly price-friendly. It's something about having to ace most of your subjects...and what? Not getting below and A overall?"

"Yup. I can only not-ace two subjects," Tessa said, "Now you know why I study so hard."

"Such great expectations," Will sighed, "pun intended."

Tessa chuckled at that, before reaching out to grab her book back from Clary to continue her cramming-whilst-eating session. However, the petite girl was faster than expected and shoved it into her sling-bag, away from Tessa's reach. Giving up, Tessa then focused on eating, because she suddenly had a newfound hunger for the baked pastries she brought.

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