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Anthony Neely as Jem Carstairs :)

Anthony Neely as Jem Carstairs :)

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word count: 1089


"Look. There's a lot going on and I really can't tell you about this okay, I need to go see the Principal," Will said wearily, not wanting to continue his conversation with Tessa.

"Okay, bye," Tessa sighed, not missing on the hint of disappointment in her voice, which Will had caught on with, but let the matter slip, since he was desperate to avoid Tessa.


A Week Later.

"Oh, my God! Tessa! You're finally here!" Cecily greeted the girl cheerfully at the door of her house, the place which Cecily had invited her over, a week ago.

"We're all downstairs. I was going to fix some snacks, you could go down first," Cecily said, a warm and bright smile on her face which stretched from ear to ear.

Tessa nodded her head slowly, pondering over what she would say to Will. Was he mad at her? It wasn't even her fault.

The soft music of a delicate and elegant musical instrument—one Tessa identified as a violin—could be heard in one of the rooms. The beautiful playing of the music was like an enchantress, and Tessa was the one enchanted, opening the door, to find a guy with silver head, his eyes closed, slowly playing the instrument.

He was stunning, he didn't look like Will, heck, he didn't even looked like he was born here. Raised here, maybe, but he looked more Asian...more Chinese. He was beautiful—not in the way she found Will, but strangely, similar.

"Will? Will, is that you?" his voice sounded, his eyes fluttering open.

"Oh. I must have mistaken you for Will, if you know him. I'm sorry," he smiled sheepishly, a faint flush creeping on his cheeks.

"Don't worry. I'm Tessa, I take it you're Jem?" she asked, grinning right back at him.

"Ah. Tessa Gray. I've heard lots about you. Seriously, Will never shuts up," he chuckled, "But, he didn't mention that you knew me."

"I heard from Cecy that you were moving in here, though she didn't specify why," she said through laughter, because of the mention of Will.

"Anyway, I was practicing my violin. I'm having a competition coming up. They're all probably downstairs, let's go, shall we?" he stuck a hand out, as if they were at a ball and he was asking her to dance with him.

Somehow, she felt like she could trust him.

She took his hand and they both proceeded down, to find Izzy, Alec, Clary, Jace, Simon and Will arguing.

"Oh look. Tessa's here. Goodbye," Will laughed dryly, storming up the steps to go back to his room.

"What?" Tessa asked, hurt visible through all the confusion that was written across her face.

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