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hello loves, thank you so much for your continued support for "Falling", i really appreciate it. 

this book means a lot to me, as it's one that i really felt passionate about writing, and one that i was really proud of. unfortunately, as time goes on, i've realised that i simply don't have the heart to continue this story anymore. it wouldn't do myself and you any justice if i continue half-heartedly writing a story that i can't even remember the plot outline of. i hope you understand where i am coming from. plus, with school getting tougher and harder to manage as the time goes by, i doubt that i'll be able to continue updating the story to its completion.

that aside, i am in the midst of preparing another wessa fanfic. this time, with proper planning and also taking my time to write it to the best of my abilities. it's not a series, and rather, is probably going to be a very long oneshot. its a bookstore au / college au, and as an apology, heres an excerpt that no one else has yet read!

start of excerpt.

She didn't even realise when her eyelids started feeling heavy. Sooner rather than later, she dozed off. Will, having just finished his bath, was drying his hair with so much force that it was a miracle that his head was still lodged on his neck, and had walked in to find Tessa sleeping with a book still on her hand. "And so she does feel tired too," he muttered to himself, unable to hide that smile that came across his face when he saw her restful state. He wordlessly went to pick up a blanket from the heap that they had prepared and draped it over Tessa, delicately picking up the book on her hand to set it aside, before going back to his seat opposite her to continue his novel.

As he read, he noticed his increasing number of glances towards Tessa. Everytime he looked up, he smiled, without fail. To say that he admired her would be an understatement, he liked her wit, her kindness, and most of all, her ability to stand up for herself and the things she believed in. He had always noticed her; he noticed the way her eyes sparkled when she laughed, the way she would sometimes be so engrossed at the task at hand that she was completely oblivious to her surroundings. He also remembered the moments they shared together; he remembered how she threw a jug at him the first time they met, how he was absolutely horrified when he learnt that she didn't like chocolate, and how they first started talking at his bookshop. And to think that their first proper conversation was centered around A Tale Of Two Cities. Perhaps one might say their conversations never really went beyond books, but they would be the fool, for books have the power to change people, and they just happened to be the people who understood them.

That was when Will Herondale knew he was in love with Tessa Gray.

Catastrophically in love.

end of excerpt.

aaaa i hope yall enjoyed that! ive been really excited with that oneshot, and i hope you will support me in my next work! i will probably be publishing this on archive of our own (ao3 for short), and will be updating it here if yall interested!

thank you for everything, see you soon!

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