I'm going home with Harry Styles. I can't believe it.

Well, the teacher requested for you to go work with Harry for the project, so it honestly shouldn't be very difficult to believe. Don't blow this out of proportion.

But who asked you? You never respond when I actually need you.

At least I don't argue with my own conscious.

Shut up.

I really need to stop arguing with myself.

Anyways, Harry Styles is going to take me home to his house. We would be up all night finishing our project. It would be another part of my midnight memories. But I knew I had no chance because the last time I checked, he's about as straight as a wall. I mean, I'm pretty sure that he's straight. It doesn't mean I can't dream.

          ~End of the school day~

I was at my locker getting my backpack, when a very deep, recognizable voice asked me, "Hey Niall, are you ready to come over to my place?" I turned around to look at Harry, as the butterflies started filling up in my stomach. I replied, "Yep, I'm ready."

Harry said, "Ok, let's go then."

             ~Skipping car ride~

"Ok, we're here. Welcome to my home."

Holy shit. This place is huge.

I never knew Harry was rich, but then again, what do I know. His house was extremely large, and it looked more elegant than Buckingham Palace. My mouth simply dropped at the sight.

"Well Horan, will you let your mouth stay open and catch flies or will you follow me inside?"

I snapped back to reality and immediately got out of the car, blushing like I usually do.

"Welcome to my home, Niall."

                             • • •

~Author's Note~

So guys I'm sorry I haven't updated but I will see if I can upload another chapter by the end of today or tomorrow (definitely by then) but I will just see you later (even though I can't really see you). Ciao for now! :)

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