~Niall's POV~

English ended pretty fast, and I was out the door as fast as I would go to Nando's, and that says a lot. I was looking forward to Science, because the love of my life was in there: Mr. Harold Edward Stylinson. His perfectly swept curls, his mysterious eyes, his dimples —oh, his amazing dimples. I feel happiness looking at just his face alone.

Ok Niall, stop daydreaming. You need to get to class, you lovestruck loser.

                          • • • • • •

I walked into Science, and sat in the seat next to Liam, my best friend. We basically had the same exact schedule, which is how we became friends in the first place.

"So, did you enjoy English today, Niall?", he asked.

"Yup, it was just amazing! Who knew that taking a class for a language you could understand since you were 4 could be so exciting?"

Apparently, this was too much for Liam, because he started laughing so hard, his face became as red as a cherry. A deep voice chuckled and then said, "That was very funny, Niall." Liam and I turned around to see the most wonderful and beautiful creature ever created: Harry Styles. I replied with a shaky voice, "Really?" Harry then laughed and said, "Yes Niall, it was very funny. I completely agree with you." I could not believe what I was hearing.

Not only does he know your name, he thought your smart ass was funny.

I smiled to myself and said to Harry, "Thanks, Harry." He said, "Your welcome, love." My brain went into overdrive. If he goes on like this, I'm going to freak out.

Fortunately, my life was saved by the bell and the teacher began to talk. "Good morning class. Today we are going to end this unit with a project." Everyone groaned. "I don't care how much you groan, the project will still go on. I will assign you your partner and you have a month to do this. Louis and Zayn, you will be partners." Louis and Zayn stood up and gave each other a high five. "Liam and Josh, you will also be partners." Liam walked over to Josh and they immediately started talking about their project. "Dan and Phil are partners as well." Dan and Phil sent each other a smug look, which wasn't unusual because everyone basically ships them together. "Ok, Harry and Niall, the two of you will be partners, alright?"

When I heard that, I wanted to thank God for answering a little Irish boy's prayer today. I could not believe we would be working together.

Harry leaned over to me and said, "We can work at my place, if that's ok with you, Niall." I nodded my head to that. "Cool, so I'll drive you to my place after school, ok?" He smiled at me. He smiled at me. I replied to him in a small voice, "Ok."

               ~Author's Note~

Ok, so I know I haven't updated in a month and I'm sorry for that. In better news, I found out I got 11 reads. I know this might not seem like much, but I am very happy, especially since this is my first story. I will try to update twice a week since it's summer for me. Ok bye guys!!!

~Bunny Nando~

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