Chapter 5

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Niall, you are at Harry Styles house. You are at the house of Harry fudging Styles.

I couldn't believe it. I had dreamt about this day, and now, it was reality. I wasn't sure about how to handle this; I had never thought in a million years that I would get here. It's like asking for your mom for McDonald's, expecting her to say no, then she actually says yes, and you sit there kinda shocked, because you didn't think you would get that far. That's exactly how I felt right now.

"Niall, are you coming in or not, love?"

Well, that got my attention.

I looked at Harry, and all I could think was, He called me love???

I came out of my thoughts and replied very weakly, "Yeah, I'm coming in."

He then said, "Then come on in, there's plenty of food inside."

Food? Harry Styles, you are a god.

We went inside his house, and on the counter of his kitchen, there was 2 trays of chocolate chip cookies.

Okay Niall, contain your excitement, you came here for Harry, not the cookies.

Harry then said, "Niall, I can tell you want those cookies, so go ahead and eat some, I won't be mad. "

I grabbed a plate and took about 10 cookies (don't judge; you'd do the same) and followed Harry into his room.

Let me just say, his room was huge. It was quite elegant; everything from his chiffon-material curtains to his diamond encrusted ceiling fan screamed rich.

So of course, I stand there with my mouth open like a fool.

I look at Harry and he says, "I know, I know, its kinda girly, but it's just my style."

"Harry, I'm too busy processing how rich you are, not how girly you think it is."

"So, you think it looks good?"

"Absoulutely." I added in my head, Anything that has to do with you looks good.

"Okay then Niall, you ready to start on our project?"


~2 hours later~

"Well we got a lot done for our research, right Nialler?"

"Yeah, we sure di- wait a minute, did you just call me Nialler?"

"Mhmm. Do you like the nickname I gave you?"

I was in shock. No one had ever wanted to give me a nickname before.

"I absolutely love, it Harry."

He laughed a husky laugh. "Well, thank you. Will you give me a nickname, Nialler?"


I don't know if you know this, but I'm not really creative at all. I looked Harry up and down and stopped at lovely, lucious, curls.

"How about Curly? Curly Styles."

"That's a lovely nickname Niall. I can't believe I haven't thought of that before. "

Before I could stop it, I felt my face start to blush from cheek to cheek.

~ Author's Note ~

So guys, I hope you liked this chapter and cliffhanger. If you want to find out, keep reading! Also, I found out I have 34 reads!!!!! I know its not many but this means a lot to me. Thank you all very much!!!

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