Chapter 12

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Niall's P.O.V.

When I woke up, I checked my phone, seeing that I had a text from Liam.

Liam: Sure Niall! We can go to the library and talk about it, if you'd like.

Thank goodness for Liam. It's nice that he's making time for me.

I got out of bed and did my usual routine. Today, I decided to wear a white shirt, blue skinny jeans, and some black Converse. I then went into the kitchen make a bowl of cereal, and I got out w book to read while eating. I was reading Pride & Prejudice. My mom recommended it to me. I had just started it, but I was hoping that it would be a good book.

I grabbed my things and went out the door to get to the bus. For the first time, I couldn't wait to go to school.

Once the bus arrived at school, I walked into the library, waiting for Liam. About a few minutes later, Liam walked in.

"Hey Niall, is everything all right? We haven't talked in a while."

"Well, there was something I was hoping I could talk to you about. Harry and I have been hanging out lately, and I wanted to ask you if I should tell him how I feel."

"Well, if I were you Niall, I think I'd wait a little longer, in order to get to know him, his friends, family members- just to keep it safe. I say this because the longer you know Harry, the better his response will be when you tell him how you feel. Also, if his family doesn't approve once the two of you are together, he'll be able to stand up for you. Plus, you'll need to know his sexuality.

Don't I know it.

"Thanks Liam. It feels nice to just tell someone all about this. It's not nice to keep it all to myself."

Liam nodded. "No problem Niall, I'm doing my duty as a friend. Hopefully, everything works out all right. Wishing you the best man."

"Thanks Liam," I replied.

"See you in class Niall," he said as he got his things to go to English. I guess I should be leaving as well.

I picked up my bag from the ground and made my way toward my locker. I noticed that recently, no one would get in my way. I wondered if it had to do with Harry, since a lot of people respected him.

"Hey Niall."

I turned around to see Harry at my locker.

Speaking of the devil.

"Hey Harry, what's up," I asked.

"Oh, I was just waiting for you. Anyway, I got you a birthday gift."


"Yes Nialler?"

"It's not my birthday."

"Okay then. I guess you don't want your present," Harry said.

"Well hold on-"

"Niall, the damage has been done. I guess I'll give it to someone who wants it."

I stuck my tounge at him and walked towards English, so he would think that I had changed my mind on wanting the present.
Unfortunately, he didn't chase after me.

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