"Thank you Harry. What you said to me really means so much and I wish I knew all the ways I could say thank you. Also, I'm sorry for kinda just crying. "

"Don't apologize for crying, Niall. It's a human thing to do. "

A silence filled the room, but it wasn't awkward. It was a peaceful silence. A silence that was much needed.

I looked at my watch and I realized that it was almost 8 o'clock.

"Hey Harry, I gotta go, it's getting late."

Before I could pick up my things, Harry wrapped me in a hug saying, "I'm gonna miss you Niall."

"Harry, you know that I'm gonna see you at school tomorrow right?"

"But still, I'll miss you a lot."

I decided to wrap my arms around him because he seemed like he really needed the hug. It's amazing how fast we opened up to each other about secrets that we had. I hope that this can last forever.

We ended our hugging session and said our goodbyes. I couldn't wait to see him tomorrow.

~Next day at school~

I was sitting in the cafeteria waiting for the bell to ring so we could go to class. I was currently reading "The Fault in Our Stars" because it's honestly just the best book ever. Unfortunately, Liam wasn't here today, so I was sitting here all alone. That is, until Harry slid in the seat next to me.

"Hey I missed you, how have you been?"

"Harry, for the love of fudge, I saw you yesterday."

He laughed a hearty laugh then said, "I know, I was just teasing. Anyway, I was wondering if we could hang out at my place again after school today, or if you wanted to go somewhere else."

"Your place is good, can't wait to see you there."

The school bell then rang, so I gathered everything into my backpack and told Harry I would see him in a few minutes. He said that he would save me a seat when he got to English, then said our goodbyes. I walked all the way to my locker locker without any problems until....


I started to look up and see which of the many bullies I had slammed me against my locker and he was exactly who I feared it to be: Dylan Smith. He was the first person to pick on me, mostly because I was small compared to the other guys.

"Lets look at what we have here", he said while looking me up and down.

"Which part of your body will I pummel today?"

I was scared because when I followed his gaze, is realized that he he was staring at my crotch.

Please don't hurt me. I will do anything.

And just like always, God sends my beautiful guardian angel in this direction. Harry saw me, and you could tell from his face he was filled with rage. The next thing I see is Harry punching Dylan once in the face before Dylan fell down.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me into our English class just as the bell rang.

We quickly went to our seats. I was trying to process what had just happened. Harry had just protected me from one of the worst people I've ever had to come across: Dylan. I was so grateful for him. How could I ever repay Harry back for what he did? Harry was truly a blessing to everyone.

Pay attention Niall, you're in class.

The teacher said something along the lines of, "Today you have a free period, so you can do what you want."

But to be honest, I didn't care about what the teacher had to say because I was focusing on the fact that Harry had saved my life.

Niall, he cares about you. He loves you.

As a friend, the other side of my head said.

Do you always have to be so negative?

Harry shook me out of my thoughts and asked me, "Niall, are you okay?"

I gave him a weak smile and said yes.

~Authors Note~
So here's the update guys:)
I hope you are enjoying the story so far and I'll update soon.

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