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I'll never be the one that he loves. I know that I'll never be good enough. Harry, he's the best. He's the popular jock and I'm just the skinny nerd. I'm Niall, the worthless person that nobody cares about.

That's always been the way of things; people not paying attention to me or telling me that I'm worthless. So what would make Harry love me? I'm not special at all, I'm just a little Irish boy who no one loves.

These are the words that replay in Niall's head every single day. He truly believes that he couldn't be loved by anyone.

But could Harry change that? Could Harry make Niall feel loved? Or could he reinforce what Niall believes about himself? Or could it be both? Could it be none of the above? Niall is just an ordinary boy.

Or is he?

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