So now that Harry Styles just told you that he loves you, so don't say anything ridiculous. Try not to embarrass yourself.

At this point, I think I've completed my life goals, because it's definitely not every day that Harry Styles tells you that he loves you.

Though he could have just meant it in a friendly way.


"Yes, Niall?"

"Would you be okay with something that isn't really accepted by society?"

Harry leaned closer, and I smelled just how minty his breath is.

"Of course Niall, you can tell me anything."

"Okay, here it goes...I'm gay."

There was a sudden silence in the room, and for a moment, I thought Harry might think I am a disgusting human being. But of course, Harry's sweet smile showed on his face and he wrapped me in a hug.

"You know that I don't care that you are gay right? It's totally fine with me."

Harry gave me another grin before he kissed my temple.

Oh my gosh, Niall, Harry just kissed you. And he doesn't care that you are gay. He....cares about you.

Harry said, “You should always be proud of who you are. Never feel like you have to conform to society's expectations. Only you can make yourself happy. Always know that even though there are people who may treat you like trash, there are many more who love and care for you. Niall, you're just as important as any other person who has ever loved, who is living now, and lives in the future. ”

His words brought me to tears and I knew at that moment, I was safe and loved, and I knew I fell in love with someone that truly cared for me.

Hey guys, there's your update. I was wondering if you want a point of view from Harry, just so you can see what he thinks of Niall. So comment to let me know. Btw, I actually wrote quite a few updates, but i wasn't sure if they were good enough, but I will update you guys at least once this week, I promise. Ciao for now.

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