Niall's P.O.V.

I was speechless. I couldn't believe how breathtaking the kiss was, yet it made sense at the same time. Harry makes me feel like the most loved boy on the face of the planet.

Harry went home early because he had to start his homework. When I told him that he could do it at my house, he said that he didn't want any “distractions”.

It's not my fault I want to kiss you so much.

Anyway, he went home and I decided to do my own work. I also made sure to have our project all together so that we could take it to school the next day. I couldn't believe that we actually finished it, considering the fact that we spent our time kissing each other and saying sweet nothings to each other.

After doing my homework, I decided that I really needed to organize my room. I slowly went around the room, picking things up and placing them back where they belong. When I was cleaning, I heard something hit my window.

It's probably Harry. He's always so dramatic.

I opened the window and called out, “Who is it?”

“It's Liam.”

My blood boiled. I looked down at him and I was suddenly filled with anger because he treated me like a disease instead of his friend.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

“I want to explain myself Niall.”

“Yeah, because you can absolutely explain why you've been an ass lately!”

“Niall,” Liam replied, “I really can explain why I was acting like that. It's not what you think. ”

“No, Liam. I don't want to hear your explanation. You can't explain why you would treat you're friend like an outcast. Don't talk to me anymore. I'm no longer you're friend. ”

I shut the window closed and threw myself in bed. I didn't want to even think of why Liam would even treat me like an enemy instead of his friend.

I silently cried myself to sleep. I couldn't hold in how I felt any longer.

Harry's P. O. V.

I woke up to see the beautiful sunrise. I felt at peace at last.

These last few months have been troubling me, and while I still have a few problems I need to solve, I realized that I could finally breathe. Oh, how I can breathe.

I got out of bed and made my way to my closet. I picked out my clothes, looked at my phone, and rushed downstairs. I was late.

Why did I stay so late at Niall's house yesterday?

I truly love Niall and I don't regret staying for so long, but I'm going to be late because of him.

You also have to pick him up. C'mon, get it together Harry.

I called Niall while quickly fixing something to eat for the two of us. I heated up some leftover pancakes I had made the day before and I also packed some fruits and juices for us to drink.

“Hey, Niall, if you come running to my house, maybe I'll see you so I can pick you up. ”

“Harry, are you okay? Why are you rushing? You know it's Saturday right?”

I immediately froze. Saturday?

I looked at my calendar and saw that it was indeed Saturday, and I was getting dressed for nothing.

Why am I not surprised? Of course I do something like this.

Well, I might as well eat breakfast with Niall.

“Well, does that mean you don't want to come over and eat all this delicious breakfast that I've prepared for us?”

“I'll be there in 30 minutes. ”

The line went dead and I started making a proper breakfast.

I got out some pancake mix and started poured the batter on the pan. I also started mincing some potatoes and placed them on a seperate pan for them to cook as well.

When I was finished cooking, I heard a knock from the door.

“Harry, it's me, Niall.”

I rushed towards the door and opened it so that Niall could come in. Every moment that we weren't together hurt me deep inside, and I couldn't contain my excitement. I wrapped him in a big hug, not wanting to let go.

“Hey, is that food I smell?”
Of course Niall would ask a question like that; I shouldn't even be shocked.

Niall quickly pulled out of the hug and ran to my kitchen table. I couldn't help but smile; he really did love his food. As I looked at his joyful face, filled with nothing but love (and food), I only had one thought come across my mind

I love you Niall.

Author's Note:
Hey everyone. Long time no see. Thanks again for getting my story to 3k reads! I never thought it would get this much attention, so hopefully I will continue to be motivated to write this story.

That being said, what do you think will happen next? Will Liam be able to explain himself? Will Harry find out how Liam feels about Niall? Will Niall finish the breakfast Harry made all by himself? These questions and more, will be answered in the next installment of “Just One More Chance”.

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