~After School~

Niall's P.O.V.

The school day had ended. Harry and I walked out of Maths, to our lockers to put some of our things away. I was thinking back to what had happened earlier, with Dylan bullying me once again.

What have I ever done to him that caused him not to like me? I don't understand.

Believe it or not, Dylan and I used to be very close friends. We first got to know each other when we met at the park when we were young lads. If I remember correctly, we were 5 years old. He let me play with some of his toys, and we pretty much just became friends after that. We always invited each other to the other's birthday party and whatnot, because we were very close. One day when we were 15, it all ended. I don't know why, but he just stopped talking to me. Then, he started to bully me. At this point, I had met Liam, and we became friends because we went through similar experiences. He was also the first person I came out to, which made it easier for me to be myself, because he still accepted me the way I am. My mind then drifted back to Harry, the boy who protected me, and ultimately the person I fell in love with. At first, I guess it was a stupid little crush, but I think I'm in deep.

Harry then interrupted my thoughts by asking, "Hey Niall, would you like to hang out at my house again today? We should probably work a little more on that project."

"Yeah, you're right," I replied. I figured, the sooner we get this project done, the more genuine time we would be able to spend with each other.

"Right. So basically, what we have to do is get about 75 people to..."

Harry kept on rambling about what we would have to do, and I didn't really hear what he was saying. I just looked at his marvelous and mysterious eyes, that made me want to wake up every single day. I admired his dimples, that would arrive when he smiled.

"So Niall, I was wondering if we could go to Asda to pick up some materials for our project. Will your mum mind?"

"No, she won't mind."

"Ok then, get in the car."

I got inside Harry's car, and buckled my seatbelt. I was getting used to being around him, so my movements were becoming much more natural.
I really was hoping that once we started to become better friends I could tell Harry that I loved him.

But what if it fails? What if Harry no longer wants to talk to you, Niall? What if-

"Niall! We're here. You spaced out again, are you alright?

Harry's hand then caressed my cheek.

"Don't worry, everything is alright Harry. I just do that a lot. I like to think."

I like to think about how much I love you, and how I should tell you. Except, I'm to scared to do that, so I resort to my thoughts, which are my only safe place.

I know what I said to Harry had a little white lie, but I couldn't let him know exactly how I felt about him. That would be embarrassing, and I don't want total rejection for the rest of my life.

"Well then, get out of the car mate. We've got to get a few things."

We walked into Asda and went through some aisles picking up a few things. Harry had made a list of every thing we needed.

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