Family Buisness

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Niall's POV>

I was sleeping away in the not so comfortable bed......(I hated hospital beds). Woke up a few times to the boys laughing about something ridiculous on their phones. They better not have videoed me sleeping. I don't know but it was annoying to me. I was downright miserable, having a hard time even falling asleep. With all these wires and stuff hooked up to me, it drove me insane. And at times, my IV would hurt. Real bad too. And every hour or so, Julia would come in and do loads of vital checks on me. It was tiring. But this wasn't my first rodeo. I've had multiple days like these, from all the surgeries I've had done for my knee and stuff. But something about it was different. Oh yeah.....CRASHING MY CAR INTO A BLOODY TREE!

My thoughts were just racing round my head. I had no idea what was going on as I layed down. I think Louis and Eleanor left for a bit. I don't know. Probably to go have some "alone" time. ;). It doesn't matter anyway. But I'm pretty sure he doesn't need another kid. He's good with just one. Don't even think about it, Tomlinson!

Ugh the pain in my head is bad. I've gotten plenty of headaches but this one just feels awful. I can't focus on anything. It hurts to even close my eyes. The struggles of crashing into a tree. Guess I'm lucky but I still have no clue what I did wrong in that car. I heard Harry mention earlier that I just might have been a wee bit tipsy from a few beers. Load of rubbish if you ask me. I wasn't drunk. Harry obviously doesn't know what he's talking about. I didn't even drink any beers before we headed out. Just a bottle of water. What, does he think I got wasted from a stupid glass of water? Hell no. That's not even it? I don't know but I just have no clue as to what made me just lose it in my car like that. One second, I was fine. Next, I was pinned to my seat, with a tree coming through the windshield. What an experience.

I think it was about 4:30 in the morning, when I awoke to a very familiar voice. An Irish accent saying my name. Am I Home? Out of the hospital already? I opened my eyes to find my mum standing right in front of me, holding my hand. The light was bright so it was hard to see kinda but my eyes slowly adjusted. I looked around and there was my Dad, brother, sister in law, and nephew all sitting around a small couch in the room. Quite unusual for them to be here, in London. But I honestly didn't even care anymore.

"Niall, how you feeling, sweetie?" My mum asked me. I groaned as I lay there, just looking at her.

"Why are you guys here?" I asked. Well that was pretty much a dumb question. Why my family was at a hospital, visiting me? Oh lord, I am losing it after all.

"What? Did you think we wouldn't be worried about you? Silly Niall. I'm so glad you're okay."

To hear my mother say that she was glad I was okay, made me feel good inside. I don't know why but just that feeling that people are worried about you, made my heart melt. I loved it. There was a time when nobody really cared about me. But that was years ago. I think it might have been our first tour as One Direction. I was getting so many death threats and mean comments from people. They always said stuff that I wasn't good enough to be in the band just because I am Irish. I'll admit. That cut me deep. Some people are just so rude. They judge me just because the fact that I'm the only Irishman in the band and I'm outnumbered by British folk. How is that not offensive? But thankfully, it got better. I'm probably the more popular one now. Even more popular than Styles. HAHA! I should be voted for Sexiest Man Alive or something. Yeah, that'll teach my mates a lesson. Oh god, I'm getting ahead of myself.

That is what I tend to do a lot. I mean, other than swear my arse off. The guys usually do tell me that I swear way too much but I cant help it. I'm Irish. That's a perfectly good excuse. All we do, is swear, drink beer and punch each other in the face. But we can get away with it because we're cute. Yeah, that's right. I'm sorry lads but Irish people are cuter than British people. It's a known fact. Haven't you ever heard of Jacksepticeye? Now that is perfection. Ohhh lord, quit yer yapping, Horan. You're gonna give the fans a reason to think that you're gay. We don't want that. We're already dealing with all that Larry Stylinson shit. Poor Tommo and Hazza. They're just good friends. Nothing more.

I turn over to look at my brother, Greg. He grins at me. Wow, first time in a long time. As he sat up on his chair, he lifted Theo up on his lap. DAMMIT! I knew they were going to bring Theo here. They just couldn't resist. I love my nephew. I absolutely do but I just don't want him freaking out that I'm here and all that kind of stuff. The poor lad has been through enough.

"You wanna see your uncle Niall?" Greg whispered to him.

Theo nodded his head slightly as Greg stood up, carrying my nephew over to the side of the bed. Oh great here we go. Please don't cry, please don cry, please don't cry. Theo sat down on the bed with me, gazing his small little blue eyes at me. They had a few tears in them. Oh no.

"Hey, little buddy." I said, trying to keep him happy. "Uncle Niall had a bit of an accident."

"Are you okay, Uncle Niall?" He spoke to me.

"Yeah, don't ya worry. It's just a few bruises and stuff. I'm alright. You gotta give me a smile though so I can feel better."

Theo didn't want to smile at me. I think he was just in shock of seeing me all hooked up to these wires and stuff and seeing me in some pain. It was a bit scary for him. I can understand that completely.

"C'mon. I need a smile from ya. Where's that little Theo smile?"

He slowly grinned at me, making his smile known to the room. I smiled back, giving him a massive hug before he pulled his small body over and layed down right beside me. (So adorable). I took my arm and reached over him, rubbing his head gently as we took a tiny nap together. After all, this was important family business that I was attending. Hahaha, not really but whatever. I want to be the best uncle in the world.

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