Never Gonna Give You Up

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Days after days after days. It all seemed forever. But they weren't going to give in. Niall practiced each day for 15 minutes on walking. He had either Harry with him or Louis. They took each day as a step closer. Still, Niall felt more weak by the second, still falling each time little by little. But he too was determined to keep going. He didn't want to let anyone down. He grabbed onto Harry's arms as he swayed, taking baby steps forward. His face was set on the pain but his mind was set on his goal. It was an awful lot to ask for the Irish boy to try and walk more often but he didn't mind. If anything, he wanted to walk all the time. Just so he was certain that he could be onstage and walk around, looking at all the fans who were cheering his name. Seemed like it was going to take lots of work to get him to that point but he didn't care. As long as he ended up doing what he loved, it was alright. He wasn't going to give up the one thing that made him who he is.

Harry and Louis saw as each day passed, that Niall was progressing. Getting better each time. They were thrilled. But Liam, he just saw this as one big mistake. He felt that something was eventually going to go wrong and it would put Niall's career at stake. Liam tried to warn the boys about what they were doing and that it could be dangerous, but they didn't listen. They were too focused on helping Niall in the way that they thought was wise.

A week had passed and the boys felt more and more confident that Niall was going to be okay. And for one really good reason.......

Niall, now holding onto Louis' hand, decided it was time. He simply told Louis to let go of him again. Louis agreed. It took a little to get Niall adjusted to him being up without anyone holding onto him but he worked through it. He took a few steps on his own, the pain started settling down now. It didn't hurt as bad. Even Liam was shocked at what was happening. All their eyes shot wide open, so did their jaws. It was like a miracle. Here Niall was, fully walking on his own. Not a spec of pain was put on him. He grinned as he walked all the way to the door, around, and went back to the boys. He was very pleased with himself. Knowing that he had done it. Everyone cheered for him, crowding next to him and hugging him tightly. It was as if he had just won a Golf match or something. Instead of a trophy, he held his friends hands, raising them up high. He knew he could do it.

"NIALL, WE'RE SO PROUD OF YOU!" Harry yelled.


Niall hadn't felt so happy for a long time. It made him blush with pure excitement as he huddled with his friends and fought valiantly for what he wanted make everyone proud and himself.

Over the next few weeks, Niall was up and walking again. It was almost like nothing ever happened in the first place. No car accident. He felt good about himself, knowing that he was improving a lot and that meant he would be able to be back on stage faster than he thought. He couldn't wait. He woke up Tuesday morning to the sound of Louis watching Football downstairs on the TV. He knew whoever was playing, they weren't doing so good, listening to Louis scream like he never had before. Niall kinda laughed about it all. As he sprung to his feet, he grabbed a Fleetwood Mac shirt that he had gotten from Liam and put it on. Afterwards, he raced down the steps, bursting with high energy. The moment he reached the last step, he saw what he thought, was unbelievable. Louis was sitting on the couch watching Football WITH Eleanor. He was very confused. After all, they did have a massive fight for a while over the past couple weeks. Niall was sure they might have broken up or something. Yet, here she was, Louis' arms wrapped around her. Kinda strange. They both paused as they glanced over at the skinny Irish man standing on the bottom step.

"Hey, Nialler." Said Louis.

"Hi. Uh, I didn't realize that El was gonna be here."

"Oh yeah, she's gonna hang round here for a while, mate. That okay with you?"

Niall took a breath, thinking hard about his answer. Of course he loved having Eleanor around and all but in the same house? He wasn't so sure about spending time with Louis' girlfriend like that. It just felt a bit weird to him but if it made his band mate happy, he guessed it would do the same for him.

"Yeah, that's perfectly fine, Tommo." Niall answered.

"How have you been feeling, Niall?" Asked Eleanor. "Louis told me that you've been doing pretty good and from what I'm seeing, I think he's right."

"Haha yeah well, Louis is right most of the time anyway. But, yeah, I've been doing alright. I'm just happy that I can walk finally. And take showers on my own and not have to have any help getting to the toilet."

Eleanor giggled as she stood up, walking over to Niall. She grinned with that amazing smile that Louis was always talking about to the rest of the boys. She pulled Niall in for a hug.

"It must have been so scary for you." She said.

"Yeah it was. One minute, I was fine. Next car just slammed right into the tree. I was horrified. And poor Hazza was panicking while trying to get me out. It was all just.......scary."

Those words felt like a complete shock to Louis. To fully hear what happened from his point of view. It sort of startled him to think of his best friend trapped in his own car with a tree coming right through the windshield at him. Being trapped like that seemed to upset Louis. He wasn't sure why but he just had that feeling of something terrible in his heart. Niall could have very easily died and they were lucky. Lucky to have such a brave Irishman fight for his life. Louis honored Niall. He always did, no matter what. Even Zayn would sometimes text Niall a few times and just let him know that he is happy that Niall survived such a brutal crash.

Niall then took a seat down on the couch along with Eleanor and Louis. Liam and Harry were chilling at Niall's house, getting the place ready for him when he was to come home. But in truth, Niall didn't ever seem to want to go home. He felt comfortable with Louis. It was enough for him. But he knew that he couldn't just stay with Louis forever. He had to eventually leave. He pondered as he sat there, not really paying much attention to what Louis and his girlfriend were talking about. They were discussing what to do about Freddie and stuff. When would be a good time for him to start attending pre school. Even though Eleanor wasn't Freddie's birth mother, she kind of felt like a mother to him. She really cared about him. Louis knew that. But he also knew that Freddie was going to have a rough time adjusting to not having to see his birth mother. After all, he did gain full custody of him. And not that he didn't trust Briana, but he just wasn't truly in love with her to begin with. Yes, they adored each other in the past but he felt like it just wasn't him. He felt out of place with her. And after Freddie was born, he just knew that this was going to be a hard choice for him to have to make. Leaving Briana and taking Freddie with him. Probably crushed her heart but Louis decided it was for the best. And Eleanor is just amazing at taking care of him.

While they all sat watching the Telly, Niall's phone vibrated. He smiled as he grabbed it, hoping that it was one of the boys. To his surprise, it was Maura. He knew she was definitely worried about him. How could she not be? He unlocked his phone and pulled up the text messages.

Maura: Niall sweetie, just wanna check in and see if you're okay. We all miss you. Mostly Theo.

Niall grinned as he read the text, showing how much he cared for his family. He slowly began to type, replying to his mum.

Niall: Yeah I'm doing just fine. And I miss you guys too. Maybe I'll stop back home and see you all soon. Can't wait to see my Nephew.

As he hit send, he smiled and laughed, causing Louis to look at him, wondering what was going on. Niall said nothing. Just a slight grin upon his face as his cheeks got all red. He took his eyes off his phone and gazed back up at the Football match. Seems like things are starting to get better for all the boys, right? Well hate to break it to ya but Its only just begun for them!!

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