Mario Kart and Rainbow Road

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After hours of his band mate getting some well deserved rest, Niall decided that Louis just needed to have a bit of fun for a change. He had been always working his butt off and Niall thought this would be a good opportunity to have him just be himself again for once. So Niall set up his old GameCube that he had for ages and put in Mario Kart Double Dash. Louis, of course, was still sleeping. Niall invited Harry and Liam over as well to join in the fun, so they did. Then, they woke up the boss.

"Psss, Louis. Wake up, man." Whispered Liam.

Louis' eyes slowly opened to reveal his blue pupils, looking at Liam and the rest of the boys along with Eleanor. He had no sense of time or anything. Not that it mattered but to Louis, time was an illusion. Always tricking you into thinking it going backwards or forwards way too fast. Startled by the fact that all the boys were there, Louis shot up off the couch and fell onto the carpet, bruising his arm.

"What in the world is going on?" He bursted out.

"We all just wanna give you a bit of fun, mate." Harry said, handing him a controller.

Louis was at a loss for words as he grabbed it, not knowing what was going on. They all looked at him, smiling and giving him that sense of confusion so he would be curious. Louis sat back up and smirked at the lads as they all gathered around him, turning on the game. Befuddled, he challenged the boys to a racing tournament, starting with the Crown Cup. They accepted. As they began at the starting line, they all got intense with each other. Eleanor laughed as they all prepared for a nasty fight. The fight to win. When they played video games, it always got too much for them and usually ended up with them throwing a few fists and swearing at each other. Typical for these boys. As the race started, Niall growled, leading in first place, playing as Yoshi and Mario. Liam didn't come all this way to lose. He ran up to Niall and hit him with a red shell, making Niall's car fall back a few. Louis shouted as he roared past the bunch, making himself known to be the most competitive in the group. He wasn't holding anything back. He knew the boys wouldn't stop until they passed that checkered flag in 1st. So Louis made sure that he was to be the champion for all time. Seeing as he hadn't lost a Mario Kart game in probably six years or so. That really messed up the boys.

They had all just finished the first lap and where heading past the second. Harry sliced Liam with a big blue shell. That made the Wolverhampton boy mad for his life. He zoomed as fast as he could, carrying Princess Peach in his kart and hit the item box. Fire Flower. Didn't do too much for him at least.

They all made the turn and was coming up on the last and final lap of the race. Eleanor cheered for Louis as he caught up to his fellow band mates and slowly moved passed each one. Now, Louis was in 1st. There was no way he was quitting now. He had to ake it official. Prove that he was going to win. He never liked losing. Losing at Mario Kart was like losing a Doncaster Rovers game to him. He would be crying for days. Last lap. The most important of all Go-Kart races. It's the one that matters the most.

As they all swayed their body's, as if they were really racing, Harry accidently pushed Liam over, causing him to drop his controller. His face lit up with anger as he jumped on top of Harry, pulling his hair. Niall laughed as he saw that the two of them were pretty much disqualified now. So that meant, it was just him and Louis left. This was it.

Niall made it to the side for the turn. Almost there. He could practically see the checkered flag in the distance. Just a few more seconds. At least, until a blue shell hit him. Louis screamed out in laughter as he saw the look on Niall's face when he was passed. Louis had won the race. Standing up on the couch, he took a bow and made a complete fool of himself.

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