Full Time Fatherhood

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So far, so good for Louis. And especially for Niall. Things started off slowly, taking each day one step at a time. Louis helped Niall with most things. Getting food, bathing him, getting him up to the bed so he could sleep. He wasn't bad himself. He thought to be a natural at this. There was going to be no trouble at all. He guessed it was just in his blood to help people.

Niall insisted on having him take a shower but Louis denied his request, putting him into the bathtub instead.  Niall. Just wasn't ready to be on his feet for that long yet. He had to give it some time. He wasn't too keen on that.

Louis sat there next to the tub, helping Niall in any way that he could. Niall refused to let the Doncaster boy wash him. He wished to do it himself. Taking the wet washcloth, he patted it down onto his arms, cleaning them from the dirt. Louis sighed, watching him. He felt as if Niall was avoiding him. He didn't understand why exactly. It hurt his feelings to know that Niall might have been mad at him and he didn't know why. All he was doing, was trying to help the poor lad. After all, he could have died in that car when the accident happened. Nothing made sense to him. Niall, now getting ready to wash his hair, slowly reached over for the shampoo bottle but before he could do so, Louis lurched forward and grabbed it first. Niall frowned at him.

"Niall, I'm just trying to help you, mate." Louis said, attempting to have Niall change his mind.

"I don't want help. I can do this on my own. I know I can."

"Niall, you can't. I know you're scared and pissed because you wanna get better so you can go back on the stage and all but....you gotta realize all that you just went through. You were in a serious car accident. You could have been killed. It takes time to heal."

Niall said nothing more. He sat silent, allowing Louis to wash his hair for him. He scrubbed his scalp gently, to not give Nialler any more pain. The shampoo filled his brown hair, smelling like  green apples. As the tub quickly filled with bubbles from the soap, Niall had it in his mind to just let his head fall down into the water. Maybe it would clear his mind. But Louis kept him above, and continued washing him. Niall just wasn't accepting the fact that he wasn't going to be performing for a while. He couldn't get his own head around it. Singing mattered more to him than worrying about his health. Selling out stadiums and playing to thousands, sounded like a good idea for Niall. If only it would happen. He spent so much time thinking about concerts and stuff, he didn't even notice how time had passed and just then, he heard a sound from the drain. Louis turned the faucet off and quickly grabbed a towel from the hook on the door to wrap around Niall. But just before he did, he took a hold of Niall's arm and slowly helped him up.

"Only be up for a few minutes, Nialler." Said Louis, wrapping the warm towel over the Irish boy's body. "You can't stand for too long."

As Louis rubbed all over Niall to get him dry, the phone began to ring. Louis, now getting a bit tense, left the towel on Niall and walked out of the room.

"The household that never sleeps..." Louis quietly said to himself as he ran to pick up his phone.

"Hey, Louis. It's Liam." A voice came from the end of the line.

"OH HEY BUDDY! What's up?"

"Just checking in to see how Nialler's doing. Making sure you're taking good care of him."

"Oh yeah. He doing great. Wants to get back to the crowds so bad though. Poor guy. I feel bad for him." Louis spoke, trying not to cry.

"Yeah I understand. Just try and take things slowly. Have him hang round Freddie or something. Maybe that'll perk him up."

"Yeah maybe. Well, I gotta go. He's waiting for me to get him. Just got him out of the bath."

"Okay. Tell him I said hi and everything. And have fun!!"

"I'll try. Haha. Bye, Payno."

Call ends.

Louis put down his phone and strode his way over to the bedroom to pick out some clothes for Niall. When all of a sudden, he heard a loud thud come from the bathroom. Right away, he dropped everything and raced down the hallway, opening the bathroom door to find Niall flat on the ground, grabbing at his legs.

"NIALL!" Louis screamed, running over to him. He managed to help him up before his knees were to buckle completely. Niall left the towel on the ground, not caring he was naked in front of his band mate. Wasn't the first time. Louis helped Niall all the way to his bedroom. Niall was in loads and loads of pain at that point. He almost bursted out screaming from the intense pressure he felt on his knees. Thankfully, he kept quiet enough to keep Louis calm. Louis sat Niall down onto the bed, handing him a shirt and socks. It wasn't until then when Freddie started having a fit in his room. It was all piling up more and more. Louis was remaining calm for as long as he could.

"I'll be right back, don't move, Niall." He said, his voice sounding tense. Niall stood there, wondering why his mate was so stressed looking. Then it hit him. He was simply working too hard. Having a son to look after, keeping things in check with his music, and to top it all off, Niall was the patient in Louis' office for a while. Horan started feeling bad for his friend. He knew much of it was rather his fault. Him being injured and all. Niall slowly started putting on fresh clean clothes just as he heard a strange noise from inside the room. It was Freddie's baby monitor, laying on the table next to the bed. Coming from it, was Louis' voice, who was in Freddie's room.

"Freddie it's okay. I'm here. I'm here, buddy. Shhh."

Louis lifted Freddie out of his crib and onto his shoulders. The stress was overwhelming him. Louis just couldn't take much more.

"I'm sorry, Freddie. Daddy's really struggling right now. I'm under loads of pressure. Having lots of responsibilities and.......I just don't.....I don't think I can do it." The baby monitor said. Niall kept his head down, not knowing what to do or even say. He was frozen from the world. Living in a trance. His band mate was stressed out and there wasn't much he could do. It was heart wrenching for Niall to hear from Louis such a thing. Freddie kept crying as Louis patted his back, settling him down.

"Oh Freddie......I wish I were a better dad."

Those words broke Niall like fallen glass. Shattered onto the floor below. The world caved in around him as he sat there, half dressed. Sighing at what he has done to his friend. Niall was nothing more than a broken wing, no longer able to fly. No magic left inside. He was a fairy. A fairy with two broken wings.

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