The Accident

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Harry's POV>

It was horrifying. To have to watch your best mate being lifted out of a small car and into an ambulance. The sight murdered me as I watched the horror unfold. There he was, all bloodied up and couldn't move his legs at all. I was in total shock, running up to the Paramedic and asking them if Niall was to be okay. They said they didn't know. What an answer that was. Well that sure gave me some motivation.....NOT REALLY! I panicked as Niall's body was being worked on by people inside the ambulance. Breathing masks and weird tubes were put on him. His eyes didn't want to stay open. I felt cheated out of everything. My poor mate was being taken to a bloody hospital and the whole crash was my fault. I should have driven his car.

He said before the long car journey, that my car would stay behind his and I would just follow him as we went along. We were heading to some big party that my sister was holding for someone. I think one of her friends or something. So my car stayed behind his big black Range Rover. Until the last Red light. I kinda fell back a few cars but I managed to catch up to him. And that's when all hell broke loose. I saw his vehicle sway sideways as it curved over and slammed into a tree just off the road. My heart stopped. So much stuff just flashed across my mind as it all happened. I got out, hoping my buddy would be alright but the second I got there, he was seriously injured. I knew it was bad. I saw a few people stop along the side of the road to call 911 straight away. Thank god for that. It seemed like it took the emergency crew ages to get there. Time stood still. I reached for the door, opening it and locking my eyes onto Niall's. Yep, it was bad. You could definitely tell by the look on his face. Blood was running down his left cheek, and all over his legs too. Me personally, I wasn't a massive fan of seeing blood. It really creeped me out a bit. But that was just not the time to be hysterical about it. I simply grabbed the seatbelt and pushed it off of him, setting Niall free. I tried grabbing him and pulling him out but his leg was trapped under the seat. Ouch! I thought his leg was a step away from falling off. It was probably one of the grossest things I've seen.

Luckily, the emergency crew got there and found a way to pull him out. That was a relief in my heart. But that look on his face.....oh it shook me. That face when you notice someone's an inch away.....a inch away from death. It's so scary to even think about. God, how my bones tingled at the sight of it all. I felt off balance too. The ambulance drove away as I along with it, carrying Niall inside. It took long minutes until they reached the hospital. I about had enough of them not going faster than they were. It was like there was no rush. NO RUSH? MY BANDMATE IS LAYING IN THAT AMBULANCE, HANGING ON FOR DEAR LIFE AND THERE'S NO RUSH? Give me a break.

When we finally managed to pull up to the hospital, I quickly got out of my car and ran to the ambulance. The paramedics were just pulling Niall out. I almost threw up, looking at his body. Being in the state that he was in, I almost fainted. I grabbed the gurney along with the paramedics and we pushed Niall into the Emergency Room. And of course, there were a few fans inside. Okay A LOT OF FANS INSIDE! And they all freaked out when they saw me and other men pushing a small gurney with a very injured Niall down the hallway. They probably tweeted about it. Not that I didn't like it necessarily but it would have been nice to just have some privacy and help out your mate when there's no girls screaming around you, asking you if Niall's okay and if they can have a picture. I mean, seriously! I just watched my own friend get into a major car crash and you're asking me if we can take a picture together? Ugh! I love the fans but sometimes, they just need to respect that I need to be here for my mate. He's hurt for God's sake. Right away, they rushed him into a surgical room. They told me I couldn't go in. What a load of rubbish. He's my best friend and I can't be there to help him. So they pulled me back and I waited in the waiting room for what seemed like hours. I managed to contact Liam and Louis. Told them everything that happened. They were shook. I think Liam said he'd take the next flight to London as soon as possible. I tried to keep all of them calm. Louis was at wits end, screaming into the phone like a maniac.


Thank god none of you fans have to deal with that. :)

So anyways, I was just sat in the waiting room for ages, waiting to hear on what was going on with Niall. A few fans stopped by and kinda gave me hope that he was going to be alright. I won't lie, I had my doubts though. It just scared me. Probably an hour and a half had passed and a big doctor man came out. His hands were big too. Must have been a surgeon. They've got big hands, don't they? Okay, maybe I'm just saying weird things now.

"Harry Styles?"

I stood up from chair, taking deep breaths as I walked up to him. This was it. What was he going to tell me? I was mortified as his hand was placed onto my shoulder. The hand on the shoulder thing. That's never a good sign. I clenched my jaw as hard as I could, waiting for him to speak.

"He's a lucky chap. Any later in that car and he would have been deceased. But we managed to get him back up top on things. He's gonna be a bit wonky for the next few days, maybe weeks depending on his mood. He's also got a few broken bones in his leg so that's means he's going to have to wear a knee brace and see how that goes. He's had multiple surgeries done on his knee as well in the past so that might stir up a few complications for him but nothing too bad. And also, if you're planning on having him perform onstage any time soon, I would suggest that he'd be seated somewhere in the stage so nothing would harm his leg even more. Try to not make him walk around too much is what I'm trying to say. But other than that, he's ok. He's awake now if you want to go and see him. Just be gentle. He's under a lot of medicine at the moment and he's going to be a bit cranky."

YES! I felt so relieved that he was ok. It was a spark of energy flowing through my body as I leaped for joy in the hallway. He's not dead. That's the main thing. Oh thank the lord he's not dead. As the doctor led me down the long corridor, he stopped me at a room. B13, NH. I got excited as he opened it. There, I was greeted by a small little Irish boy, laying down in the bed, his eyes tired and weak. I walked up to him as he glanced back at me.


"Yeah buddy. I'm here."

"T-Th-Thisrty." Niall said.

He was thirsty. I looked over and I could see a small cup of water with a straw in it on the table. I quickly grabbed it and brought it over to Niall as he slowly tried to sit up, but failed from the pain. So I took it to myself to grab the straw and bring it to his mouth for him. I held the cup. Little by little, he took sips, not wanting to over do it. When he was finished, I placed the cup back on the table, so it would be there in case he needed more. I sat down next to him, asking if he needed anything else. Just then, a weird sound came from one of the machines. It scared me a little. Beep beep beep.....beep beep. I had no idea what it was or if it was even good. That's when the nurse came in and checked it out.

"Oh don't worry, Harry. It's just letting me know that his fluid bag is empty. I need to go and get more for him. Nothing to worry about."

She was nice. I trusted her. And thankfully I managed to brush my hair this morning before heading out so I didn't look like a tool in front of her. She wasn't exactly bad looking. What am I saying? Ugh, I'm going crazy. I'm flirting with Niall's nurse. Eww. I must be completely losing it. I hope she didn't notice how I was looking at her. But her beautiful blonde hair and those gorgeous blue eyes......okay I've lost it. This is not the most appropriate time to be talking about this. Not while Niall is hurt. C'mon, get it together, Styles. Be a man, be a man. Another sound as the Nurse grabbed a blood pressure monitor from the counter and wrapped it around Niall's arm. Niall was definitely a bit cranky. He kept flinching his body, not wanting the nurse to touch him. I felt bad. As soon as it was done, she left to go grab another one of those weird bag things. I stayed with Niall the whole time. I didn't want to leave him. Not like this.

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