The Bees Knees

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A few days went by and so fast too. But no one was really complaining about that. Harry and Liam both came over to Louis' house to visit Niall. They just wanted to know that everything was okay. Niall was doing great. The only problem, he was still upset about not being able to walk. The boys chatted in private about the possibility that they could try something to get him back up on his legs.

"No." Liam said. "It's too risky. What if it gets worse?"

Louis shrugged at Liam. "Well we'll just have to see then."

Niall hadn't a clue to what the boys were discussing over in the other room. All he thought, was it was about his career. It might be over. The pain of him losing the thing that he loved passionately so much, it just shattered him. He couldn't imagine him not singing onstage ever again. Louis, Liam and Harry all came out, staring at Niall with a rather strange look. Niall was confused. Very confused.

"Lads, what's going on?" Niall asked the boys.

"Niall......we know how much this all means to you and we wanna help you. So.....we all thought we'd try and figure out a way to getcha walking again." Louis said.

The biggest, most brightest smile ever was shown on Niall's face. He couldn't have been more happy. Now, he knew the boys were going to help him and get him back to the stage. He wasn't sure how easy it was going to be but he didn't hesitate to give it a go. Without warning, Louis walked over to Niall and lifted his arms out, having the Irish boy hold on tight. As slow as possible, he brought Niall to his feet. Niall was still in loads of pain so he flinched a bit.

"I gotcha buddy." Louis said.

Liam covered his eyes with his hands, thinking that this was all a bad idea. What if Niall fell? Or worse, what if he permanently damaged his legs? Liam did not want Niall to lose it all just because he thought it was a good time to try and walk. Harry was scared too. He didn't want Niall to hurt himself anymore. Louis got Niall up and then carefully, he walked backwards, leading Niall towards him. He still held onto his hands just in case. Niall took a deep breath before taking a step. Pain shot through his right leg as he bent it. Niall almost lost his balance, an inch away from collapsing to the ground. Liam couldn't bear to watch. The scary sight as Louis gripped Niall's arms tight and continued to lead him slowly around the living room. Time for another. Niall pressed his left leg forward, hearing himself shriek. Harry bit his fingers, looking at the poor boy, trying his hardest to walk. Niall was shaking. His hands trembled as he felt his knee could go down any second. But he didn't want to stop. He just couldn't. Another tiny step was taken.

"That's it, there ya go." Whispered Louis, holding onto Niall.

Niall was in so much pain. Knife stabbing pain was pouring into his whole body at that moment. He couldn't escape it but he pressed on, taking another step nice and easy. Then, started picking up the pace a bit, scaring his friends.

"Woah, easy, Niall." Harry commanded.

He wanted to show them he could do it. He had to. For the sake of the entire band, he had to prove he could do this and get back to what he loves most. As he pressed on, he held up a hand to Louis.

"Let go." He said.

"No, Niall. You gotta take it easy mate..."

"JUST....give it a try." Niall told him.

Louis did as he was told. He slowly let go of Niall's body, with him now standing on his own. Question is, could he walk on is own? He began taking a small step forward, his knee killing him from inside. As he finished his step, it was too much. All of a sudden, he could feel himself falling down. The world stopped spinning around him as he suddenly felt arms wrap around him and lay him down on the couch. It all happened so fast. Niall looked up to see Louis catch him.

"Woah. That was close, eh, Nialler?" Louis said.

Niall didn't say anything. He just sat there, looking down on himself, tears swelled up in his eyes. Louis knew what was going on. He decided to leave the boy alone for a while as he took Harry and Liam and left the living room. Niall was so upset. He tried and tried but still failed. He didn't understand why. Meanwhile, Harry, Liam and Louis were struggling on what to do about their friend. Harry just wanted the best for him. That was all. Liam wanted him to be safe. And Louis just wanted something more simple. For Niall to be happy. They talked for hours about what they would have to do to ensure all of those things. Niall's life wasn't as easy as it used to be. Not since the accident.

"I think we need to get that boy back onstage." Louis mentioned to the rest of the band.

"ARE YOU MAD?" Yelled Liam. "If he does, it'll only make things worse. HE COULD DIE, LOUIS!"

"He won't die, Liam. Just trust me on this."

"I trusted you before......and look what happened." Liam said, as he walked away, leaving the room.

Louis sighed. Harry placed his arm around his mates shoulder, making him feel better. Harry knew that Louis was right, but also, Liam was too. A hard choice for these boys to have to make on someone else's life.

"We'll keep practicing with him." Harry said to Louis.

Louis showed a small smile as he hugged him. They were determined to get Niall better so One Direction could come back in a way they never have before. They wanted them to all be on that stage, strong. Stronger than ever. And more importantly, together.

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