The "New" Niall Horan

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(Short chapter I know but you could say I've had a bit of writers block haha. most of the fan tweets are actually real and have been used for this story. Thanks so all who allowed me to use them. Enjoy!)

It had been two months. Two long, miserable months of nothing but endless torment from media and fans. Everyone wanted to know how he was. One tweet after another.

"Really hoping @NiallOfficial is okay. We're praying hard!!"

"Haven't heard any updates.....Niall okay anyone??? I'm worried."

"Will @NiallOfficial be returning to the stage anytime soon??"

"Is @NiallOfficial secretly dead and no one told us?? Cause if so...Im going to lose my shit and curl in a ball"

"Where is Niall ? 😭😭😭 @NiallOfficial"

"#NotCool with what happened to @NiallOfficial. Get well soon!!"

It all seemed pointless to some fans. When were things going to go back to normal and when was Niall going to post something? Even Niall's family and friends were beginning to see a pattern of Niall being completely silent on all his social media. Nothing. His sister in law, Denise was on edge and wondering why wasn't Niall liking her posts on Theo.

Niall was sat at his house in the Hollywood Hills, watching season 3 of Stranger Things on his tv when the door knocked. He knew who it was exactly as he grabbed the remote and turned down the volume.

"COME ON IN!" He yelled.

It was his cousin, Deo. He entered the front door with Mcdonald's in his hands. Niall was excited. He leaped off the couch and ran to his savior.

"Woah, easy there Horan," Deo reminded hm. "Two Months still isn't quite enough time yet".

"I'm starving and I really don't fucking care, lad". He laughed, reaching into the bag of food.

Deo grinned, he pulled out his cheeseburger and sat down in the dining room -- Niall ever so slowly joined him with a RedBull.

"So....Have you heard from any of the lads at all lately?" Deo asked while stuffing his mouth with a large bite, his small beard tickling.

Niall grabbed his burger and held it tight as he looked up into his cousin's eyes as he spoke. He nodded, chewing before he'd answer.

"Liam texted me this morning. Got a few words in from Louis and Harry. Nothing big or anything".

Deo sipped at his Pepsi.....which he wasn't too fond of but he ordered it anyway. Niall giggled as they both sat together, just chattering about life and such. He adored it. Having nice small conversations. But it quickly got heated up as Deo took another bite and smirked at his Cousin.

"You haven't been posting anything on Instagram dude. Not even on Twitter. People are probably insanely worried about you".

Niall paused, his head sank as his blue eyes faded. He bit at his lower lip, he didn't want to cry at all.  Deo stood to his feet, walked over and gave his best friend a good squeeze.

"I want to tell people but I just don't know what to say," Niall said.

"Just let them know you're okay. That's the most important".

Niall wiped a rogue tear and stood up. His mind was all over the place. Hearing one idea but also hearing many more. He just wasn't sure. What would he be able to tell them other than that? Could he even bare to let them all know the truth?

"Okay...I know what to do". He quietly stated, removing his phone from his trousers and looking at his contacts, stopping on three names.

He led the way downstairs a few hours later; Harry, Louis, Liam and Deo went next all forming a line. Drifting, swaying along, Niall's feet hitting each stair as they descended. They made it to Niall's basement. Okay, now what? They had all thought out. Niall placed his phone on the small coffee table and sat on the couch behind it. Everyone else did the same, confused as to what Niall's plans were.

Niall took a long breath before tapping his phone to Instagram. He was shaking inside as he went to his profile.

"Niall, what are we doing?" Asked Liam.

Niall drew his breath slowly and loudly. "I'm getting back to my career".

Finding the "Live" section, he scrolled to it, clicking it. Niall Horan was live on Instagram. For the very first time since the Car Accident. The boys smiled as they shrugged their shoulders and helped their friend make the greatest live of all time.

Thousands and thousands of people tuned in straight away to see the boy from Ireland. Everybody was so happy to see his face again. It felt like forever.

"Hey, lovely people of the world. It's Niall Horan here..." He began with a smile on his face brightest It's ever been.

Fans freaking out in the live chat as they saw his face and heard the accent. He was okay. He was alive. With all the boys surrounding him in the video, he felt more safe than ever as his mind was focused on one simple thing. He hesitated for a brief moment, letting fans soak it all in before the two words made the entire Instagram nearly shut down. Those two words that they had been waiting for since they found out Niall was hurt. Since the accident later on in Orlando. Since everything. Those special words that they would never forget....

"I'm back".

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