The Nurse

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They all chatted with Niall for a good 30 minutes before there was a knock at the door. The nurse entered. The same nurse from before. As Louis and Liam turned around, their eyes were fixed upon hers. Her flowing blonde hair swayed as she walked in, carrying her clipboard in her hands. All the boys swooned, even Niall a bit. But he was too shy to really show it.

"Oh so many visitors I see," she said, grinning at the boys. "Hi, I'm Julia. I'll be Niall's nurse for the time that he's here so It's very nice to meet you all."

Silence. Just a nod from their heads as she made her way over to Niall, bending down to have a look at Niall's knee once again. Louis' eyes followed, making Eleanor a wee bit jealous. As she saw his eyes staring at Julia's bottom, she secretly pinched Louis' arm, warning him to not get any sort of ideas. Louis was known to be quite the trouble maker. You all know that.

Julia took a hold a of Niall's left knee, ready to stretch it out again. Niall was not up for it. He hated when she had to do this. The pain was horrible for him. He didn't understand how flexing it was supposed to make it feel better. All it did, was produce endless amounts of brutal pain through his legs.

"Okay, Niall. This might hurt a little but you can squeeze one of the boy's hands if you need to. That might help," she said.

"I'm right here, mate," Harry spoke, taking out his hand and reaching for Niall's. He grabbed his hand and gripped it tight, ready for Niall to possibly squeeze his hand to death. Pain was not Niall's friend. He did not like pain in any forms. Even just a simple fall off a bike or something made him upset. As Julia began slowly lifting up Niall's knee, he yelped, starting to tighten his grip on Harry's palms. Harry remained strong for Niall but man, he was tough. Niall's hands hurt so badly. Harry flinched himself, trying not to yell from Niall's firm grasp. The nurse lifted it up a bit more, causing Niall to close his eyes and try to escape the pain.

"You're doing great, Niall." Julia said, lifting his knee up a little more. "And think of it this way, the more we keep doing this, the less it will hurt. And the less it hurts, the quicker you can get back to your feet and get onstage."

But those were just words to Niall. He was in too much pain to even pay attention to what she was saying. He felt his knee crack as she slowly lifted it back down so Niall could get comfy again. When Niall let go of Harry's hand, he noticed his hand was all red. So was Harry's. Harry almost fell out of breath from Niall's tight grip. It wasn't an easy process but the recovery was moving along so far. After all, he was lucky just to even be alive at this point. Such a bad collision with a tree like could have been bad. Julia turned to face the boys as she motioned for them to join her outside the room for a quick second. She wanted to talk to them alone. The agreed as the told Niall they'd be back and they left the room, leaving the Mullingar boy alone. Liam shut the door behind them as she looked at Niall for a moment through the small glass window before turning her eyes over to them.

"His knee is pretty bad. It's definitely damaged and I'm afraid It's going to take longer to heal than we previously expected." She told them.

That made Harry stutter. He didn't know how to handle such a thing. Yes, she wasn't saying that he was going to die or anything but it was the purpose that Niall might be devastated when he found out about the news. And the worst was yet to come. Julia sighed before continuing.

"Right now, we cannot completely say that his career is a going-to-happen thing because of how his knee and body could get worse. We'll keep doing checks and sessions with him until we can find out more but for now, I think that his performing needs to be on hold for a while. I know how hard that is for you guys and especially for Niall but if he is to get better, this is what needs to happen so he can get to that point."

"Okay but couldn't he just perform onstage sitting down?" Asked Louis.

"Well I know you guys think that would be of help to him but in truth, it would honestly only make things worse. It's not JUST his knee we're talking about, although that is a big part of it. His whole body was damaged during this crash he had and I'm afraid he just isn't going to be the person he used to be if that makes any sense to you. What I'm saying, is that It'll be harder for him to be able to be onstage in front of all those crowds with this situation."

The boys nodded their heads as they looked at her, shocked that Niall's career could possibly be at stake. Harry kept his head down. He wasn't sure how Niall would take the dreadful news. He didn't want to be the one to tell him and he knew the other boys wouldn't want to either. Niall wouldn't just be devastated, he'd be heartbroken. No one wanted to see that. Eleanor peered in the window, looking at Niall laying on the bed, just looking so innocent and all. Her heart ached that he would be back on his feet soon. And she knew that if Niall wasn't going to be able to perform, Louis would be upset as well and there was no way she was putting up with that too. She had a very good friendship with Louis' band mates. A very special bond. And it was that Harry was the one who introduced her to Louis in the first place. So that was a definite plus. Either way, she wanted Niall to get well as soon as possible, just like the guys did. And as for Liam, he couldn't be more depressed than he was in that hallway, talking about Niall's terrifying future. It scared him to think that he might lose his band mate. One Direction wouldn't be the same without Niall. It just wouldn't.

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