Only Human

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Hours later, a doctor finally came out along with Julia. They all stood up, awaiting the news on their band mate. The look on her face was as sad as a innocence death. It poured into the room, making the boys feel darkness through their hearts as they waited for her to say the words. The words that everything was going to be okay. Unfortunately, that just wasn't the case.

"He's okay. The sad news, his recovery should have taken longer before he was supposed to return to the stage. So I guess this means that he will have to be carefully watched and all. No being onstage for this guy anymore. I know how hard this is for all of you but It's just too risky."

"Woah woah woah," said Louis. "No being onstage anymore? You mean like for a few months or something?"

"No, I mean......forever."

Liam paused at the sound. It was unbelievable. Those words he truly longed to never hear simply crumbled up in front of him.


"I am extremely sorry for everything you all have to go through. It's so hard for anyone to be told such news but you need to just try and have hope".

"HOPE?" Said Harry with a thirst for anger, his head shot up straight and his fists wailed in the air. "You want us to have hope when you're telling us that Niall can never preform again???"

Julia sighed deeply in her heart as she looked into his fury green eyes which seemed as if they were turning blood red.

"Listen to me, I understand you're upset about all this, I am too, but getting angry isn't going to achieve anything".

"HE'S NOT ACHIEVING ANYTHING BY JUST BEING LIKE THIS!!" Harry's voice rose and started to scare lingering patients in the halls.

Liam and Louis ran up beside Harry trying to calm him down.

"Sir we are doing our best...."


"Harry, calm down mate. Please you'll only make things worse." Louis spoke.


Julia bit her lip not wanting to say what she had been hiding for most of the time. She engraved her tears away as she stumbled upon the saddened boy.

".....He could die".

Pause. They all looked around the room in disbelief. The shockwave of horror clouded into the midst of their presence. Harry's eyes grew with tears pulling at her. It was unlike anything they had heard at this point.

"It's THAT bad?" Liam questioned.

"If he were to try and get back onstage again, there would be a very real chance he'd injure himself to the point of a serious cardiac arrest of sorts. I implore you all.....PLEASE don't try to make him go back out there. No one needs to hear the news that Niall Horan died".

Harry now in Louis and Liam's arms, they all cried together in a huddle. Long minutes before they had realized that they needed to tell Niall everything. They were scared.

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