Broken Promises

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After a good 15 minutes, Louis came out, carrying Freddie in his arms and into his bedroom where Niall was. Louis smiled, not letting it show that he was crying a moment ago. It didn't last long as Louis' phone rang again. He just couldn't seem to catch a breath. There was always something going on.

"Here, Tommo. Give em to me. I'll watch him." Niall said.

Louis handed him over to the small little Irish man on the bed as he went over to grab his phone. It was Eleanor calling him. He was furious with her. She hadn't been with him for a while and he had been asking her for help for ages. What was her excuse this time? Niall held Freddie on his lap as he played around with him, making the little baby laugh and chuckle. That pretty smile on Freddie's face made Niall's day. He loved when kids smiled like that. He absolutely adored kids. He thought about having one of his own at one point but he wasn't sure. Even if he wanted to, he didn't exactly have a woman to share that experience with. He was the loner kind of guy. His relationships didn't ever last long. Not that he wasn't a good person but he just didn't find the right girl for him yet. He was waiting for her. Hoping she'd show soon.

Just then, a loud scream, followed by endless amounts of swearing and yelling just outside Louis' bedroom. Niall had no idea Louis could get so mad. He carried on, making a complete fuss of everything to Eleanor. All that was heard, was the two of them going at it. A nasty fight. Brutal. Niall covered Freddie's ears to keep him from hearing. Although it didn't make much of a difference. Louis' voice was beyond loud. He was just not happy at all.






The sound of Louis' rage fired the house. Niall sat still on the bed, trying to block out the noise while playing with Freddie. The fight lasted for at least half an hour. For Niall, it seemed like it never ended. After Louis hung up and threw his phone on the floor, he opened the door, staring into Niall's bright blue eyes. He sighed loudly, sitting down next to him. Niall could tell what was up. He kept Freddie on his lap and patted Louis' on the back, getting his attention.

"Take a breath, Tommo." Niall spoke to him. "It'll be alright. Don't rush into anything."

Louis glanced over at Niall then tilted his head down enough to lock his pupils on Freddie. He smiled weakly as he rubbed the side of his cheeks. The high spirited horse, not slowing down anytime soon. Louis sprang up to his feet, holding out his hands for his son.

"Wanna go to daddy?" Niall whispered to the little one.

Niall lifted up his arms, and gently handed the boy over. Louis gave his son the biggest smile as he bounced him up and down. Freddie giggled. Niall loved seeing how happy his son made him. Even though it was all hard work, he somehow managed it. And each time, it was perfect.

"You make one hell of a father, Louis." Niall said.

That made Louis' face light up. A single tear began forming from his left eyelid. Louis was very pleased to have his mate say something like that to him. He felt accomplished. But deep down, he still knew that these next couple months weren't going to be easy. After all, how was he to stay on top of everything? Managing his career AND managing his best friend along with his son. But he decided the best thing to do was to put his album release on hold. Put everything on hold. No concerts, no tour dates, nothing. Just spending time with Niall. That was enough for him. He knew if he was going to help him get better, he had to give up a few things along the way. But he was prepared to. For the sake of his band mate.

That night, Louis barely got much sleep at all. Thanks to Freddie and Niall. He was up most of the night, taking care of them. Niall always kept needing to use the bathroom over and over again. Probably had too much water to drink. Freddie kept having dreadful nightmares. Scared the little boy half to death. Poor thing. Louis basically was running back and forth around the house, trying to balance everything out. It was hard. So much was going on, it was hard for him to keep up. But every now and then, Louis' phone rang again and again and again. Still Eleanor. He never picked it up. Never answered her, ignoring how she was probably to try and soften him up and get him to forgive her. No, not this time. He didn't pay any attention to the phone unless it was Harry or Liam or the doctor. Eleanor had promised him that she would be back soon to help him take care of Freddie. That was weeks ago. Louis was drained. Left alone by all those broken promises. He knew he still loved her in a way but he just had no clue what to do. Forgive her? Break up with her? He just didn't know. The only thing that truly mattered in his mind, was getting Niall better. That was his goal. And he wasn't just going to throw it all away now just because of Eleanor. No, he wasn't like that. He wanted to do what he had to and that was it.

"LOUIS?" Niall yelled from Louis' bedroom. Louis came barging in.

"Everything ok, Niall?"

"I'm thirsty." said the Irish boy, laying in the bed.

"Okay. I'll go fetch you some water...."

"NO!" Screamed Niall.

"Shhh, you're gonna wake up Freddie." Louis spoke. "And yes, you have to drink water. The doctor said so."

"Just one RedBull, please."

"No, Niall. I'm sorry but you can't."

Niall frowned as he pulled the covers over top of his head, not showing himself to Louis. Louis was not in the mood for fun and games or for arguing. He walked out of the door and went downstairs to get a bottle of cold water for Niall. When he brought it back up, he noticed there was a text message on his phone. It was from Eleanor. He scoffed, ignoring it and taking the water over to Niall. As Louis placed it on the table next to him, he could sense Niall looking straight through him. He knew. He knew that him and Eleanor were at a bad place to be in a relationship. But Niall just tried being supportive. He threw his eyes over to Louis' phone, making Louis glance too. He looked back at Niall with a slight mad face.

"Louis, talk to her." He said.

"I did talk to her and you know what? She doesn't even wanna bother with it anymore."

"That's not true. If she didn't care, she wouldn't keep texting or calling you." Niall told him. He lifted up his chin, looking him right in the eyes. "Just talk to her."

"O-Okay, mate."

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