Calling all swaggy people! I need your help!

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So, I need your help! I wanna enter one of my books into the Wattys later this year. But, one problem. I don't know which one I should nominate.

Should I enter Justin Bieber's best friend, Being engaged to Justin Bieber, Being married to Justin Bieber, Life as Mrs. Bieber, or this book?

Comment below please. Please! I really need your help! :)

By the way, I have another contest. All you have you do is tell me your favorite book out of the series and tell me your fav part.

I will pick the winner sometime tomorrow. (May 25, 2014)

You can tell me through commenting down below, you can kik me, or inbox me.

My kik: msswag15

Winner gets to write a chapter with me :)

I love you all and keep it swaggy!

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