"Nope." I laughed and looked up at Zac who was smiling down at me.

Zac and his manager had come to an angreement. Robert had a office and recording studio in the next town over so thats where Zac would be doing his recording from now on. Sure he would still be going on tours but they would be summer tours and he asked-more like demanded-that we go with him.

In the past four months so much had changed. The main thing being Zac coming back. Abby and Wilson now have their father and all the answers they were looking for after we had a long talk with them one night.

In the past two weeks everything just seems...right. Like it's back into place, I have my friends and family and we're living life to the full.

"Your thinking too much." Zac murmured bringing me back out my thoughts.

"Just about how much things have changed." I shrugged leaning back against the car.

"Is that good or bad?" He asked standing infront of me while placing his hands either side of my head.

"Well..." I trailed and he actually began to look nervous. "Good change." He sighed in relief.

"Good." he smiled and lower his head to mine. His lips were inches from mine when a loud cough interreupted us. "You've got to be fucking kidding me." Zac muttered under his breath while I chuckled.

"Get a room." My eyes widened at the sound of Paige's voice.

"We plan too." Zac smirked back at her while I hid my face. "Ah, shit. Wilson ran off with my phone." He muttered while patting down his pockets. "I'll be back in a minute."

"I'll follow you in." I called after him. I turned around to Paige and swallowed nervously, it was the first time I'd seen her since the wedding, since Zac and her ended things and since he found out my kids were his.

"Hey Sophie." She smiled walking closer to me and confusing me at the same time. She wasn't acting how I expected her to act, she was Zac's ex girlfriend after all. "Yeah, I know things are complicated with all the relationships but I like you Sophie, your still my friend."

"Oh, I just..." Just what? Just thought she'd go crazy telling me to stay away from Zac? I wasn't going to admit that to her.

"Just thought I wouldn't have taken it this well?" She offered and I nodded. "Consider calling off the engagement a mutal thing, I'm fine. Honestly, I'm glad you and Zac are back together-"

"We're not-"

"In time Sophie." She winked and carried on. "You two were meant for each other, whatever was between Zac and I was just attraction. Besides, knowing that Wilson and Abby are his kids, it's where he belongs."

"Paige, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to ruin anything between-"

"Sophie, it's fine. We saw this coming, honestly I think our relationshop was more for the public but we tried too hard to make something out of it. We tried to build on something that was never there. Besides, I found myself a business man. He looks good in a suite." She grinned.

And just like that, Paige and I became better friends then before. Everything was falling into it's rightfull place. Honestly my life couldn't have turned out better, there was only one thing missing.

"You coming?" She asked when she turned around and saw I wasn't following her.

"Yeah, there's just something I need to do first."

"Okaaaay." She shrugged and carried on going inside while I got back into the car and quickly drove away knowing that Zac or someone would come out and drag me in or insist on going with me but this was something I wanted, needed to do alone.

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