Chapter 21

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Sophie's P.O.V

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY KERRI!" Everyone shouted as she blew out the candles on her cake.

"Mummy, mummy, mummy, can we eat cake now?" Wilson asked tugging at my sleeve.

"If you can beat Andy to it yes, you can." I laughed as he ran towards the cake and stole the peice Kerri had just given to Andy.

"Oh come on dude!" He called as Wilson ran off laughing. Kerri laughed and handed him another piece as he pouted and walked away.

In the corner of the room I spotted Abby sitting in the window seat staring out the window looking deep in thought. Smiling slightly, I started making my way towards her. I knew she was putting on a front in front of people but I'd seen her deep in thought whenever she was alone.

"Abby." I said softly after a few minutes so I didn't scare her when she didn't notice me behind her.

"Hey mummy." She smiled up at me and crawled into my lap when I sat down next to her.

"What'cha looking at?" I asked looking out the window as she shrugged. "Don't you want any cake?"

"Maybe later, if Andy and Wilson haven't eaten it all." She giggled.

"Oh, yeah, you may want to get in there quick then." I agreed before sighing. "You know you can talk to me right, Abby?" I asked looking her in the eyes.

"I know." She nodded. "I just, I've been fine without a daddy for years and I liked it being just you me and Wilson. I don't want any one else ruining it. I like having my aunts and uncles and...and..." She stuttered on the verge of tears.

I was shocked. I thought it would have been something more then that but if that was the reason then I could easily talk to her about that.

"Oh sweetie." I laughed pulling her into a hug as she sobbed onto my shoulder. I let her cry for a good ten minutes while rocking her gently and rubbing her back when I saw Dustin and Zac appear over her head. Dustin grinned and waved at me and went further into the room when Zac hesitated at the doorway staring worriedly at Abby.

She had quietened down a lot now so when his gaze flickered up to mine I smiled and shook my head. He smiled tightly and I knew he didn't want to leave but also knew I had to talk to Abby first. When he had gone out of sight I pulled Abby away so I could look her in the eye.

"Abby, you know that no matter whats happens, nothing's going to change. Wilson and I will still be here, and so will Matt and everyone else. It just means that we have more people in our little group. You like Dustin don't you?" I asked and she nodded. "And you liked playing with him, Andy, Matt and Tina the other day didn't you?" I asked again and she nodded grinning. "And with Dustin you had even more fun didn't you?" By this time all tears had been forgotten.

"Yes!" She said excitiedly.

"So you don't mind Dustin joining do you?" She shook her head. "So whats wrong with Zac joining, or Paige?" I asked raising an eyebrow and she looked at the floor pursing her lips.

"But he my daddy." She stated, eyes watering again.

"Which makes it that much cooler." I said trying to warm her up to the idea. "Think about, you and I can gang up on him all the time, pull pranks of him and get away with it." I grinned and I saw the mischievous smile she normally wore.

"And Wilson? Gang up on the boys mummy!" She grinned jumping down from the seat and starting to drag me towards the garden.

"So you cool now?" I asked smiling and she nodded.

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