Chapter 23

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Two months had passed since Kerri's party and things had been going smoothly. Zac and I were getting along better with a good friendship going at the moment. Most of our time was spent with the kids, I think Zac felt like he had to make up for lost time.

Spending a lot of time with the kids meant spending less time with just the two us which I strangely felt good about. I didn't want to rush into anything just to have it swept from under my feet again, I wanted to take things slow and see how committed Zac really was to being apart of this.

Matt and Kat came back from their honeymoon and they finally showed us pictures from the wedding and their honeymoon which was beautiful might I add.

Tina and Luke's relationship was going really well. So far I haven't seen them when they're not together, they're still in the honeymoon stage of their relationship but I couldn't be more happier for her.

Kerri and Andy had a huge announcement for us yesterday when we were all over at Matt's. Kerri is one month pregnant, apparently Andy fainted the first time Kerri told him, he denied it but we all knew it was true from the pinkness in his cheeks. He was over the moon when he woke up though, he was nervous at first but seeing him with Abby and Wilson through out all these years I knew he was going to make an amazing father.

Poppy still visited often, she loved it over here when every one got together not that her mother complained, she said it was a blessing to have the house to herself every once in a while. Dustin moved in when Zac moved in taking up both off my spare bedrooms.

Abby took a huge liking to Dustin and they always ganged up on Wilson and Zac leaving me in the worst place, the middle. Sometimes they'd try and pry information out of me, other time's I'm literally in the middle of one of there jelly fights.

The only person I hadn't and still wanted to speak to was Paige. She was still at the hotel but was actually currently filming parts of a new film somewhere on the edge of town.

"Mummy! You're taking too long!" My head snapped up at the sound of Wilson's voice as he stood in my bedroom doorway bouncing around impatiently.

"I'm coming, I'm coming." I said pulling on my black flat shoes and following him down the stairs where Dustin, Zac and Abby were waiting.

"Finally." Zac exaggerated rolling his eyes.

"Oh please, who took an extra hour yesterday perfecting their hair in the morning?" Dustin said and I smirked at Zac who opened and closed his mouth like a goldfish.

"Ha!" I said as I walked past him.

"Yeah, yeah." He mumbled behind me.

"Come on! We want to see baby Izzy!" Abby and Wilson said dragging us all by the hands.

"Ok, ok." Dustin said as we finally made it to the car.

Baby Izzy, or Isabella, was Olivia's little baby girl. She's was adorable and just like when Wilson and Abby were born, everyone took an immediate liking to her. There has been more then one argument on who gets to hold her. At least I had two babies to go around so the arguments weren't as bad.

Olivia and Jamie were staying with Kerri at the moment, deciding to travel back home when Isabella was a few months older. Personally, I think Olivia missed this place too much and will end up moving back here anyway.

The car had only just pulled to a stop when Abby and Wilson raced out the car. I went to call after them but stopped myself knowing it wouldn't make any difference.

Dustin however, chased after them which had me laughing.

"Not really the guy for sports huh?" Zac said standing next to me.

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