Chapter 7

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Waking up on a Saturday morning is usually a pleasant thing. No work, no stress, just time to spend with my family and friends. However, this Saturday morning was different. The sun lit up my room as I changed into some skinny jeans and a summery top whilst shoving my hair up out of my face.

I walked down the hall and checked in on Wilson and Abby and found them both still fast a sleep, I checked Abby's stitches and was thankful that there was no blood. I walked into the kitchen and started making breakfast.

Every Saturday morning Matt, Kat, Tina, Kerri and Andy come over for breakfast. I started making random things and lay it all out on the table. Once that was finished, I started putting things away and rearranging things around the kitchen.

I didn't know what I was doing until I saw Abby standing sleepily in her Pajama's in the middle of the doorwar. My eyes travelled down to her leg and I remembered the awful encounter I had with Zac yesterday.

I had ignored my friends when they tried to talk to me as I rushed out and called a Taxi which was thankfully outside after dropping off a customer. I didn't understand why Matt hadn't just told me he had invited Zac to his wedding, or I figured that was the reason he was here. He didn't know about his kids and if it was because of me he would have been here five years ago.

"Morning sweetie, how's your leg?" I walked over and picked Abby up placing her on my hip.

"Ok." She replied yawning. I laughed slightly and placed her down in her chair just as I heard someone knocking on the door.

"Be right back." I muttered kissing the top of Abby's head before walking to the door. Opening it, I wasn't surprised with who I saw. I shut the door behind them and followed them into the kitchen.

"Good morning my favourite niece." Kat sang sitting down next to Abby who put on her best smile.

"Where's my nephew?" Matt asked sitting across from Kat.

"Sleeping." I replied laughing.

"Wow Soph, you've out done yourself." Andy said eyeing up all food.

"I know, I just don't know what came over me." I shrugged but laughed when he dove right into the pancakes and waffles.

"Pig." I heard Kerri mutter.

"Soph's an amazing cook, you can't blame him." Tina said with her mouth full causing it to come out as 'Sbofsanamzinguck.'

"Tina, close your mouth." Kat said but Tina just grinned showing her all the goodness in her mouth. "Your disgusting."

"Hey Sophie, about yesterday..." Matt started.

"We just didn't know how to tell you." Kat blurted.

"We know he hurt you and," Tina began.

"And we didn't want you to have to go through that again or anything." Kerri added.

"He wasn't meant to come for another three weeks anyway." Andy said while stuffing his face.

"We know it's hard on you but you have us with you." Kat spoke again.

"Yeah, we'll support you, Wilson and Abby 100%." Matt finished.

"I know." I sighed. "I guess I was just shocked." I'm still in shock, it would explain why I've been trying to keep myself busy this morning so I wouldn't have to remember our little run in. Seeing the guy you fell in love with again after five years can do that to you.

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