Chapter 13

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Zac's P.O.V

"You came here to talk so talk Zac. Don't give me that it's a long story crap. Say what you have to say then go cause how I remember it is that you left me waiting for hours at a airport, waiting for you. Do you remember anything about when you left? What we talked about? Do you have any Idea what I've been through? First having to get over you, then raising our kids, then I had to deal with my father having cancer and now your back. Did you ever stop to think about me? Cause every decision I made I always thought about you first."

Yes, I was wrong to leave her I'll admit it but I just hope she'll understand once-hold up a second. Did she just say-no she couldn't have....

"What did you say?" I took a step forward to make sure I could hear her loud and clear. Her eyes were wide reminding me of a deer caught in the headlights.

"I-I-I err" She stuttered not being able to find the right words.

"You said our kids. Do you mean our kids as in you and I, me and you?" I asked looking for her to either confirm or deny it. She licked her lips and started pulling on her hair, her nervous habit.

"Fine, yes. Ok. Wilson and Abby are our children. You're their father." She blurted sounding angry. She's angry?! I'm the one who just found out I had kids!

"Wha-" I stopped and fell on the couch when I lost my balance.

Oh my god I'm a father. I have children. I'm a father. I'm a father. I couldn't shake the thought from my head. I wanted to jump with joy but I was scared to. I missed so much of their lives, they don't even know who I am.

How am I supposed to deal with this. I'm meant to be going back to LA soon, there is no way I can go back now. How will Abby and Wilson take it? Why did Sophie keep it to herself for all these years? I was going to ask her but words failed me.

I still couldn't get round the fact that Abby and Wilson were mine. They were my children. Mine and Sophie's children just like how I always imagined.

"I'm going leave." I managed to choke out as I looked up at Sophie. I couldn't make out her impression but she was watching me closely, watching my reaction.

"That's probably best." She agreed and walked me to the door. 

We didn't say anything as I passed her and walked out the door. I couldn't bring myself to say or do anything at the moment. I just needed to clear my head and come to terms with the information.

Don't get me wrong, I'm over the moon that those kids are mine, I couldn't be anymore happier. There are just a few complications and unanswered questions.


Sophie's P.O.V

"Stupid, stupid, stupid." I said banging my head on the door. I can't believe I just let that slip, that was not how I planned on telling him. Well, I guess he knows now, thats a weight off my shoulder. I just have to somehow figure out a way to tell Abby and Wilson.

"Sophie, stop banging your head against the door!" Kat said pulling me away. When she saw my expression her mood automatically fell. "Soph, what's wrong?" She asked pulling me into the living room.

"I-uh." I sighed. I couldn't tell her, not with her wedding tomorrow. It was her day and I wouldn't spoil it for her or my brother. "Nothing. I guess I'm just tried, planning a wedding isn't all fun and games." I laughed.

"Riiiiight." She said not believing me for a second. "I know what you're doing and I appreciate it, I do but I'm here for you Soph, whether I'm getting married tomorrow or just going out shopping." She smiled.

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