Chapter 17

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Zac's P.O.V

Kerri was scared, she kept looking around her surroundings in case they missed something and she ran her hand through her hair every ten seconds. It had been nearly three minutes she since told us about Wilson.

Sophie had visibly paled and her hands were slightly shaking. She hadn't moved at all, she was frozen like a statue. My eyes were still wide as her words were still being processed. Wilson was missing. I hadn't even had chance to get to know my son and he's missing.

I heard a light whimper from Sophie and shook myself out of my trance. He can't be too far, I have to be strong for Wilson, Abby and Sophie.

"Kerri, make sure you've checked every room in this place. He might just be hiding. Ask all the staff if they've seen him." She nodded and quickly took off in the direction she had came in.

I turned to Sophie, grabbing her arms lightly but she didn't take any notice of me. I grabbed her chin with my hand and turned her face to look at me but she just stared blankly into my eyes.

"Sophie, we're going to find him ok. He's going to be ok, he's probably just playing a game and got lost." I said trying to reassure her. Her bottom lip trembled as her eyes glistened in the light provided by the moon. I saw one tear fall down her face and I wrapped my arms around her. "It's going to be ok." I whispered.

"W-what if we can't find him?" She cried into my chest.

"We will. I'll make sure of it." I said determination clear in my voice. It was moments like these I missed with her, just being able to hold her and comfort her, I just wish it wasn't because our son was missing.

"Guys." Andy said out of breath stopping a few feet away from us. He shook his head and I gritted my teeth. He had to be here somewhere!

"Does Matt and Kat know about this?" I heard Sophie ask and was surprised to find that she hadn't pulled out of my arms yet.

"No." Andy said shaking his head again.

"Good. I don't want to ruin their wedding, it hasn't been that long, we'll tell them when we've got no choice." Sophie said sounding stronger then she looked.

"I've looked everywhere." Olivia said coming out with Kerri supporting her.

"I've asked all the staff." Jakey said following after them.

"We've checked all the rooms and the gardens." Tina said coming out with Paige and her brother.

"He's 4 years old, where could he have gone!" Kerri said as everyone began to start thinking of places and getting frustrated.

"Where's Abby?" I asked tightening my grip on Sophie.

"She's with Poppy and Dustin." Tina said calmly and I let out a sigh of relief.

"Where would you go if you were a four year old boy?" Paige asked.

"What?" Olivia said frowning while rubbing smooth circles over her baby bump.

"If we're going to find him, we need to understand his mind." Paige said and it wasn't actually a bad idea.

"My room." Jakey answered.

"My mum." Andy admitted at which we would have laughed at under different circumstances.

"I always went to my granma's." Tina smiled.

"What about you Zac?" That was an easy question.

"Well, I always went to-" I stopped half way through my sentence. They all waited for me to continue but I didn't, I knew where he was. "I know where he is." I stated and Sophie turned to look at me.

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