Extra Chapter

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Decided to write an extra chapter for those who wanted one....you do not have to read this but many people have asked for it.

So, enjoy.

Three Years Later

"Sophie, I swear to my mother if you do not keep still I will just shave your head!" Kat pulled my head back making me fist my hands and restrain myself from moving.

"I'm sorry! But I'm so excited!" I said jumping in my seat again making Kat groan and pulled my hair for the fifth time, fortunately for me, my head was now numb from the tugging and pulling and wasn't really effecting me any more.

"I don't think I've seen anyone this excited." Kerri said amused from the sofa behind me. I grinned at her in the mirror as my leg started moving from the tapping of my foot. It was just impossible for me to keep still.

"Did you have coffee this morning? Kerri gave me strict orders not to go anywhere near coffee or sugar today." Tina pouted next Kerri.

"We've gone over this Tina." Kerri said giving her a serious look to which Tina just looked away childishly.

"I think there's a bowl of sweets on the tabel behind you." I pointed out to Tina who jumped from her seat.

"Really Sophie?" Kerri said getting up and following her.

"You're not making this easy." Kat said from above me.

"Come on, today is a day of having fun!" I shouted and she scolded me for moving my head again.

"Yes but the fun comes later, you are seriously worrying me Sophie. Any normal bride would be nervous about something going wrong." She said placing more pins into my hair.

"Relax Kat. I'm not worried if anything goes wrong, if it does, today will still be perfect so long as I'm marrying the guy of my dreams." I sighed happily.

"I still can't believe these past few years. So much has happened, what with Zac returning, Kerri having her first born, I'm 7 months pregnant, Tina's engaged, Olivia's divorced and remarried with another child on the way.....Wasn't it just yesterday we were still in High school?"

"Seems like it doesn't it?" I said thinking back.

"It's so weird. Everyone's so grown up...."

"Kerrrrrrrrri! Can I have a sweet?" Tina whined.

"Okaaaay...almost everyone's grown up." Kat corrected herself laughing. "Ok, your all done." She said smiling at me in the mirror.

"Yay!" I said jumping from my seat to stretch my legs.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late." Olivia said entering the room. "Wow Sophie, You look amazing and your not even wearing your dress yet!"

"Thanks." I said grinning.

"Don't get any ideas." Kerri said standing by Tina with her arms crossed.

"What?" Olivia asked rubbing her swollen stomach.

"You've already been married twice!" Olivia rolled her eyes with a smile on her face.

"Well, I'm glad your finally getting married. He popped the question two years ago!" She said sitting on the sofa.

"You know things have been busy lately." I said grabbing the dress that Tina was thrusting into my face before pushing me into the dressing room.

"I suppose so." She mumbled loud enough for me to hear.

I slipped the dress on and looked in the mirror. My excitment suddenly vanished. My dress was strapless, heartshaped hugging my waist until hips before it falls to the floor. It had gems across the top half of the dress, Tina wouldn't allow me to have one without the sparkles.

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