Chapter 12

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"Gooooood morning class." I said leaning into the back of my chair completely exhausted, man, who knew planning a wedding could be soo hard. 

"Um, Miss, it's the afternoon....actually our last class of the day." I looked across at Tom who was smirking in his chair with his hands behind his head.

"That's what I meant." I mumbled. "Ok, so how would you guys like to earn some money tomorrow?" I asked and they all looked at each other confused.

"Umm, it's not like picking up trash off the road is it?" Rachel asked making a horrible face. I laughed but shook my head.

"No, actually, it's my brother's wedding and we're looking for entertainment." I said smiling and they quickly spoke between one another until Ben spoke up.

"You mean singing in a our band right? Cause Kelly has a weird sense of humor." Ben joked earning him a slap over the head from Kelly herself.

"No, you just lack sense of humor." She said and stuck her tongue out at him as he rubbed his head.

"Can't argue with that." Claire said siding with her friend.

"Women." Ben muttered and John agreed with him.

"So how about it? You'll earn money, there'll be free food-"

"We're in." The boys all spoke at once.

"Boys." The girls said mocking Ben before giggling.

"Can I put you down?" I asked.

"Hell yeah." They all agreed before quickly going into a discussion on what to sing. I smiled and quickly gave Kat a text. Now all that needs left to do is decorate tonight ready for tomorrow.

"Do we still have to come to school tomorrow then?" John asked curiously.

"No, I've spoken with the head and said it's more like a field trip and it's still educational....just don't tell him I'm paying you all though." I added.

"Wouldn't dream of it Miss D." Tom piped up.


"Hey Miss, will you be singing at the wedding?"

"I don't know...depends on how much I drink." I said and they started laughing. "Ok, soo, starting the lesson now." I laughed and they groaned but still smiled.

"Can you teach us about writing songs?" Rachel asked with a gleam in her eyes.

"Umm, didn't I teach you that before summer?" I asked frowning.

"Yeeees." She said smiling. "But you sang for us that lesson and I really want to hear you sing again." She pleaded

"No, I don't think so." I said shaking my head.

"Oh come on Miss D, were doing you that favor tomorrow." Trust Tom to turn this into some sort of bargin.

"What are you getting at Thomas?"

"You sing for us, we'll sing for you." He shrugged and the others agreed. Damn you students. I thought picking up my guitar.

"You guys are unbelievable." I muttered and heard them laughing as I began to pull at the cords.

I pray the day would never end
You said you'd call me
If you change your mind
And wanted to go home

And I felt this coming like a storm
And then the rain began to pour
I knew I'd fall asleep alone

And as much as I wish I could be by your side
I know I can erase what you've done
And the times that I've tried
And the lies you've denied
I knew there is no turning back now

I don't want this to hurt
I already have my scars in the words
You say you just run me apart
Tables have turned
So now you've got my heart
And it hurts cause it's still on fire

And now I cry
Cause there's nothing left but a "Goodbye"
Everything just feels like one big lie
And in time you'll find
That if you play with fire
You'll always get burned

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