Chapter 22

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"Blaine, stop talking." I cut him off when he opened his mouth to speak. Having everyone talking at once wasn't going to get us very far, we needed to deal with one thing at a time. "And to answer your question Zac, Robert and I have met before."

"How?" He asked now ingoring Blaine who was pouting like a three year old beside me.

"I thought you would have told him." I said looking in Roberts direction.

"Confidentiality. Wasn't my place to say, which is why I thought you might have told him." He asked looking amused.

"Ok, can someone fill me in please?" Zac asked getting impatient. "Well?" He asked again when neither of us spoke.

"Oh, I know who this guy is!" Blaine spoke up besides me. "Isn't he the one who offered-"

"Shut up Blaine!" I yelled at him while pushing him back through the door and shutting it in his face. "Idiotic boy." What did I ever see in him?

"Sophie?" Zac asked and I sighed.

"Robert." I said guesturing for him to start.

"Well, it was my nieces birthday or as you may know it, the day of your winter dance. We were going out to eat out at her favourite restaurant, the restaurant Sophie was singing at. My manager was looking for a new act to sign and when I heard her singing, I offered her a deal."

"So what? You were going to sign Sophie?" He asked still confused.

"Yes, she didn't give me an answer straight away. It was about a month later when she phoned me." He said looking at me to continue.

"I turned the offer down. I loved singing too much, singing to me was a way to express my emotions, it was a hobby not a job. And then I found the CD you and Matt had given me for my birthday. I know what singing meant to you so I figured why give the offer to me when some one else wants it more. Some one who will get more out of it then I would ever dream off."

He didn't say anything after that. I could see he was still processing the information when he suddenly realised what I had done.

"You were the one who handed in my CD." I nodded as he ran a hand down his face. "You gave up this opportunity and just handed it over to me?" I nodded again.

"You needed, wanted, it more then me."

"I'll tell you something, she gave up quiet a fight to get me to listen to your CD. We don't normally take demo's but she kept at me and it was one of the best decisions the company's made." Robert spoke up. "You're a lucky man to have a girl like Sophie. Not many people would have done whats she's done."

"Yeah, I can't believe you did that." He said shocked still. I smiled and shrugged it off. "And even when you found out you were pregnant you still let me go."

"Well, I'll leave you two kids to it then. I'll talk to you later about this deal Zac. Lovely seeing you again Sophie." Robert smiled and waved.

"You too Robert." I replied as he walked out the door. "It was my decision Zac and I don't regret it." I said hoping this wasn't about to start an arguement or something.

"You're amazing you know that?" Zac asked walking up to me and I sighed relieved that he was taking it all this smoothly.

"I've been told once or twice." I joked.

"Well it's true." He whispered while pulling me to him by the hips. His head started to lean into me again and I was all up for meeting him half way but the door opened.

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