CH 7: Turning Point

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*This chapter contains sexual content*

~ Kiondra ~

Make love to me... I whispered those words and now Branson looks like he's about to eat me alive (pun intended). Still laying on my back, he presses kisses and licks from my neck down to my collarbone sending shivers up and down my spine. His dark eyes set my body ablaze and he's the fireman that holds the extinguisher.

I savor the feel of his lips, the masculine scent he exudes, and the low growling sound he makes as he puts his lips to my soft skin. I moan softly and he pulls my shirt off me sending buttons flying everywhere. I raise an eyebrow at him, that was one my favorite shirts!

"Don't worry, I'll buy you a new one" I nod as he trails his kisses lower finally reaching my covered breasts. He better not fuck my bra and panties up, I'll kill him. His freakishly large hands cup my full breasts and he attempts to undo my bra strap but I stop him.

"You have to take your clothes off too..." In a series of swift and sudden movements, he's completely nude with his massive manhood standing erect. Never seen that on a white guy! I try to muffle my laughs.

I lay there amused until he lays me across his lap with my ass in the air.

"What's so funny?" I just shrug.

"What's so funny?" I shrug again. He roughly pulls down my jeans leaving me in my thong.

"You like that Branson?" I tease as I wiggle my ass right below his chin. "You want it?"

He tries to grab ahold of me, but I'm too fast for that shit. The skill I had of dodging an ass whooping as a kid finally came in handy. I get up, walk over to the patio door and let his dogs out. They go this massive dog house and are out of sight. Well damn, even his dogs are conceited!

Standing at the glass window I hear someone playing En Vogue's "Giving Him Something He Can Feel" and I move to the beat. My wide hips sway and my body jiggles as I move to the beat. Even Branson seems far away as I let the music wrap me in a harmonic blanket.

I don't know when Branson walked up, but I feel him behind me moving to the music. His manhood presses into my back and he sucks gently on my neck. I lean further into him as his hands stroke my body. I notice that the song has ended, but I don't stop moving. If he wants something he can feel, he'll get it.

The room seems small and the air between us humid, the passion between us has me dizzy. His hands undo my bra and pull down my thong as his hands finally reach my womanhood. Finally!

Supporting my breasts with one hand, he strokes my slits with the other.

"Just like that..." I moan as I lean into him and he puts one finger then two inside of me. He hits that sweet spot and I feel my knees get weak. But he holds me steady.

The more and more he strokes me, the more I squeeze his arms desperately needing him to make love to me.

"Patience." is all he whispers in my ear, but it seems like he's struggling to hold on himself. I feel myself begin to peak and I clench his fingers hard as I come. I almost fall forward, but he grabs me and flings me over his shoulder. His light skin contrasts with my dark skin, but it actually looks nice together.

Laying me down on his navy blue bedding, he licks and sucks on my nipples. Electricity runs through us and I can't hold on much longer. After tasting my sweetness and bringing me to my peak once again, he puts a condom on and lines his manhood up with my core.

He stares in my eyes. He actually looks truly happy for once.

"Ki, let me have you. All of you..." I nod and he dives into my core. With his manhood stretching me, I pull his body directly ontop of me and he slowly loves me. My body shakes with pleasure as he angles himself to hit that perfect spot. I'm in heaven.

My eyes start to close as the pleasure overtakes me, but he won't allow it.

"Baby keep those eyes open, I wanna see you." He grabs my waist, kissing me while I struggle to keep my eyes open. So erotic...

His rhythm changes frequently and I'm sure that I'll explode any moment now. The veins in his neck are bulging so I know he's close.

"Let go Branson...come with me." Pumping faster and faster, he brings us to climax simultaneously. His body shakes with the intensity of his orgasm. I grip him for dear life as the waves of our pleasure crash into one another's.

Everything between us has changed but I don't have the energy to fight it. Or maybe I just don't want to...

He looks at me intently and pulls me his chest while he flings the condom into the trashbin. I'm so tired!

Laying against him as I doze off he sings something in my ear. His deep voice has a soulful sound to it that I find soothing. I don't really pay attention to the song because I don't recognize it. His words become a lullaby as I fall asleep.

"I'm falling in love with you..." Wait what?! Did he really just say that?


~ Branson ~

It's a done deal. I'm falling in love with her. Everything about her that pissed me off before is now irresistible. Her strong words, intelligence, and independent nature. She's unlike anything I've ever dealt with.

Laying on my chest, I look at my chocolate angel. Her kinky hair is disheveled, her full lips parted, and her warm breath tickling my chest hair. The way she holds me tight puts me at ease which is something I don't normally feel. Not even at home.

Putting her under my blankets, I hurry up and let my dogs in. Of course they run and jump up on my bed. But what surprises me is that they lay at Kiondra's feet. They get kinda funny acting around people. But they like her. So I'm taking that as a sign.

I climb in bed pull her close. She's so beautiful and I'm at the point of no return...

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