CH 15: Forgive Me

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~ Branson ~

After Kiondra walked out the door, everyone in the room turned and stared at me like I did something wrong. Even President Trollman looked like he wanted to strangle me. The room broke out in yells and invectives towards me and suddenly I'm yanked out of my chair and punched repeatedly in the face.

Who's my attacker? No one other than Kev. I can't even get any hits in because he's like a fucking monster truck! Troy runs up and tries to pull him off of me, but he elbows him roughly and knocks him on the ground with the wind out of him. Kev proceeds to wrap his hands around my neck trying to strangle me then four other guys jump in and pull him off. It's about damn time! President Trollman is laughing at the drama unfolding. I'd tear him a new ass if he wasn't signing my paycheck.

"ENOUGH!" He manages to get out in-between laughs. Everyone silences "This meeting is not over! Branson, the way you spoke to Ms. Harris is completely unacceptable. You managed to force our best company writer to quit and I doubt she's coming back. I'm going to call her personally and try to persuade her to return, but you're not off the hook. I'm suspending you for 10 games due to severe misconduct. You're also taking a pay cut of 25% until further notice. Kev, you're suspended for 1 game." And of course he looks like he's satisfied with his ruling. Fucking Judge Judy.

I'm sure I look like a bug with my eyes bulging. This isn't fair! "You know Branson, you look like a little bitch whining to yourself. Suck it up! You're the one who humiliated Kiondra in front of everybody so you've gotten what you deserved. Hope you enjoy your five weeks off" Kev taunts me. He pisses me the hell off! I have to go to practice and everything else, but I can't go with the team when they travel or anything. Bullshit! And the pay cut? I used to be bringing in 2.5 million annually then after I lost endorsements I'm went down to only 1 million. Then with this fucking pay cut, I'm down to $750,000. I'm furious.

After Kev finishes his insults, the room fills with applause at his words. Even Trollman is clapping until he holds up his hands and demands silence. "On this last note, I've been investigating the article and I have found the culprits: Kevin and Tamara from the PR side of the company." The room goes dead silent and I turn to look at the two. The look of shock and fear on their faces is hilarious. Trollman continues. "You guys wanted to being publicity to your side of the company so badly you used Kiondra's banters to do it letting her take the fall. That is unacceptable. Turn in your employee equipment, both of you. You're fired as of now. Get your belongings and security will hand you your paycheck and escort you out. Neither of you better return to this property or any buildings of this club or I will personally press charges for trespassing. Get these two out of my face. This meeting is adjourned."

There's another bout of stunned silence as two huge security guards escort Kevin and Tamara out of the building. I can't even believe they did that! So Kiondra wasn't lying. I think of her face briefly then brush it off; what she did was wrong still.

I guess it's time to move on.


~ Kiondra ~

I'm absolutely humiliated and heartbroken. How could Branson just embarrass me like that?! Either way I'm glad I quit; I don't need bullshit in my life so first thing tomorrow I'm going job searching.

Getting home and opening the door, I'm met with Isis sitting on my sofa in tears.

"What's wrong?"

"What happened to you that's what's wrong" she runs up to me and pulls me to her "And I'm sad you wouldn't let me in".

"I know I'm sorry" my voice cracks as I begin to cry again "I'm so sorry".

"Kev texted me about everything that happened today" then she starts laughing.

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