CH 10: Questions

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~ Kiondra ~

Branson! The cologne I smell belongs to Branson! What the fuck is he doing in my apartment?!

At first I didn't recognize it so I put the thought aside and watched 'Sex & The City' for hours. But as I got in the shower, the realization hit me.

Muttering to myself in shower, Tank sits on the toilet seat meowing to me like he knows the answer. I'm sure he does and since he's a momma's boy, I have no doubt he'd snitch on Branson if he could.

After I finish my hygienic process and dress in my pajamas, I run outside to confirm what I already know is true. Glancing at my flowers, I can tell they've been disturbed and Branson retrieved the key.

Initially I thought he took the key altogether, but I finally spot it on the side.

Scooping dirt over the key to conceal it, I march back into the house and dial Branson's number.

He answers on the first ring.

"Uh hello?" His voice sounds odd when he answers.

"Why'd you go into the apartment?" I hear Troy laughing in the background saying something about Branson getting caught.

Branson doesn't say anything so I continue.

"And tell Troy that if he doesn't shut the fuck up I will knock the last three real teeth he has down his throat. I'll make that fight between him and Kev look like child's play."

Troy's laughing stopped. That's what I thought. Branson finally decides to say something.

"You didn't come find me and tell me you were leaving."

He's got to be fucking kidding me.

"I texted you and you read the message!"

"Well you should've came and told me face to face. Plus you should've told me what you planned to do the whole day!"

"Your jealous, possessive ass wanted me to go back there with a bunch of barely dressed players? And why do I have to tell you everything I'm doing?"

I hear his breathing getting heavy and I know he's pissed.

"BECAUSE YOU ARE MY GIRLFRIEND!!!" His voice booms so loudly I have to pull the phone away and Tank meows. He heard it too.

"I'm sorry..." Normally by this time my Oscar-worthy crying act would be used to diffuse the situation, but I'm stunned.

I don't know how to take his words so I just hang up the phone. Men don't normally make a big deal over a text message and he thinks I should tell him my every move.

Like my ex used to.

Relationships aren't about signing yourself away to the authority of someone else. I have enough laws and rules to follow, I don't need any more.

Grabbing my tub of caramel chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, I turn off the lights and climb into bed. I need to eat away my feelings right now.

Wait, I need to do something real quick.

I pop up out of bed and go outside to retrieve my spare key. I don't even bother fixing the flowers so I come in, wash my hands, and get back in bed.

Devouring the ice cream feels like devouring my problems...even if it's for a little bit.


~ Branson ~

"I'm sorry..." I hear Kiondra's voice squeak and it feels like all of the air has been knocked out of me.

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