CH 21: A Change In Plans

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~ Branson ~

There comes a moment in time where so much pressure is on you that you can literally feel it. My time has come.

It's the last period in the Starling Cup finals. We're up against the Jersey Jaguars and though it's been a nasty game, no ones been severely injured though.

And we're tied 2-2.

The place is packed to capacity and I see Kiondra, Isis, Josselynn, Mom, her husband Daniel, Dad, and Marlene cheering me on. Seeing all of them there sent a warm feeling up and down my spine.

Kev and I watch our women from the benches and laugh. Isis is arguing with some little boy who's jumping up and down. He comes up to her knees! Kiondra tries to break it up and I get a glimpse of her delectable body. She's been gaining some weight and I love it. Just more for me to enjoy.

There's a little over a minute in the game and our coach Robert signals to us.

"We're out" James London says to Kev, Michael, Anthony, Troy, and me.

We all get onto the ice and almost immediately find ourselves on the defense. That is until I'm passed the puck.

"BRANSON! KEEP GOING, SCORE!" Kiondra's voice seems louder than rest as she calls to me.

Though I'm a defenseman, instinct takes over and I race towards the goal. I hear her cheering as I get closer and closer...I shoot the puck and score.

WE'VE WON...and with eight seconds to spare. Everything seems to be going in such slow motion except my heart rate. I want to face over to Kiondra, but a barrier of plexiglass separates us. But I still blow her a kiss and my heart flutters at the sight of her large smile.

I'll never get bored with that, I think to myself.

"C'mon!" I turn my head to Kev who's at the beginning of a long line waiting for us to shake the Jaguars' hands before we go back for press. You can tell he's in a rush to get it over with. Isis looks just as impatient with her burgundy hair in a small bun on her head.

I hurry to the line...I don't wanna keep my woman waiting.


~ Kiondra ~

My heart is swollen with pride. Branson scored the winning goal! They're the Starling Cup champions!

The game was exciting to watch but so was the fight Isis had with the kid next to her. I don't even know what she was arguing with him about but they were both getting mad. She's too old for that stuff, she's pregnant for goodness sakes!

Right now her and Kev are off somewhere shacking up since the final was held here in Hartford. Me on the other hand am lounging with Tank, Coco, and Loco at my apartment. I've been feeling extremely lethargic lately but life has been so stressful.

"You look sexy sitting like that..." I turn my head and see Branson with a smirk on his face. With my mail in hand, he kicks the pets out and jumps onto my bed. The look on his face tells me that he's in the mood. I smile at his antics though.

Kicking the pets out of the bedroom, he sets my mail down on the nightstand and proceeds to undress himself.


~ Branson ~

Tonight's the night...I'm gonna propose to Kiondra. Sure it's been 9 months, but I'm more than ready to start my life with her. It's ironic how I went from almost hating her to being completely in love. I don't question it, I just enjoy the feelings.

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