CH 23: Wedding

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~ Kiondra ~

"You may now kiss your bride..." The guests at Isis and Kev's wedding are going crazy with applause and adoration. Branson has been staring at me during the whole ceremony and it's getting annoying.

Plus, I've been feeling quite nauseous all morning. Not to mention my feet are killing me in these damn heels!

The crowd cheers even louder when the newlyweds jump the broom.

Though Isis may be marrying interracially, she will never lose pride in when she and her ancestors have come from. The same applies to me.

Finally, we're released for cocktail hour and I need to take a major piss.

Speed walking to the restroom, I let out a sigh as I relieve myself.

There's a knock at the door.

"I'm almost finished!" I yell only for the door to fly open.

And Branson walks right in.

"What the fuck man? You're paying for that door!"


~ Branson ~

I can't stand it anymore, I miss Kiondra so damn much!

I saw her leave and I followed her until she entered the restroom. I was going to wait for her to finish, but I decided against it.

I knocked to be polite then I busted the door in. She looks damn scared.

"What the fuck man? You're gonna pay for that door!" She'll comment on a damn door but not her fucking boyfriend standing here?!

"That's all you care about is that door? And where's your promise ring?!"

Kiondra ignores me and wipes herself then nudges me out of the way to wash your hands after flushing.


She looks at me and I see the same defiant look she had on her face when I disliked her so much.

"It's not on Branson."

"Obviously! Why did you take it off?!" She lets out a loud sigh and tries to get around me.

I don't move.


"Fine Branson! I took it off because I don't want to be reminded of you!" A knife has been stabbed through my chest at her confession, "You talk to me whichever way you please and I've had it! I didn't know I was pregnant and you make everything about you! Not once did you ask how I was feeling. I was fucking vomiting my guts out and you just came in screaming and yelling."

Shit, she's right.

"I'm sor-" Kiondra cuts me off.

"I'm not fucking done! Today is about Kev and Isis, not us. Don't even start with your bullshit. I'm giving my bestfriend all of my attention today so get used to it. After today, if you actually want to act civil and treat me with respect, then come find me. Until then, keep your apologies to yourself."

I have nothing to say to that. She's absolutely right and she leaves the restroom, her hands still wet from being washed.

"Give her time, she'll come around." I turn to see Kiondra's father standing in the doorway.

"You heard all of that?"

"Yeah, I heard everything. She's just a stubborn as her mother. I know you'll fare better than it did. I loved her mother, but I just couldn't do it anymore."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I know you love her. And trust me, she loves you too but that's just her personality. She values her independence."

"Can I ask a question?" He nods his head,"Do I have your permission to marry Kiondra?"

For the first time, I've seen the man smile in my direction, let alone at me.

"I had a feeling you'd ask me. Will you be a better man than I was?"

"I'll walk to the ends of the earth and hell for her. I need her. I'm of unsure of how to be a better man than you; but I'll give her my all, always."

"Then yes, you have my permission."

"Thank you Sir!"

"No need for the formalities Branson, but let's get on out to cocktail hour, I could use a drink...or two."

"Can I have one too?" We both turn and see Kiondra's brother.

"Shit, why not?" We all laugh make our way back to the reception area.

I have a renewed hope that everything will work out.


~ Kiondra ~

The three men in my life (aside from Kev who looks like he's about to devour Isis) come out of the general direction of the bathroom with smiles on their faces.

They're up to something.

I really want a glass of wine to calm my nerves but I'm pregnant so I can't.

It's still strange trying to wrap my brain around the fact that Branson and I created a baby.

However, I'm not keen on having a baby out of wedlock. Kiondra, now's not the time to be thinking about this, I remind myself.

After the reception has gotten underway, it's time to make a toast and I waste no time standing up.

I see so many different people in the crowd, but our expression mirror the joy and happiness for Isis and Kev. I turn to them with tears in my eyes.

"Words cannot describe how happy I am for you two. I've seen what was a mere crush between you guys turn into a full fledged outpouring of love, I long for something like that. When I was down, both of you were there to help and you better believe I'll be there for you when the baby comes. You'll need it especially if it's personality is similar to Isis," the crowd erupts in laughter. "I admire the strides you've made as a couple and I wish you many more years and milestones. I love you two."

"To Kev and Isis, may their love be as strong as their personalities." There's a chorus of laughter throughout the crowd then we all toast the newlyweds.

Later on, Isis and Kev have their first dance of the night. Watching them sway to the music, each mesmerized by the other brings tears to me eyes. I want that...I don't want Branson and I to constantly fight and have problems. Oh fuck, now I'm crying.

Blinking away tears, a masculine hand holds mine, it's Branson of course. He pulls me to him and I notice he has tears in his eyes as well.

"Baby, I'm sorry about everything."

My reply is curt, "I don't want a sorry for everything. Either you act better or I'm leaving your ass for good. I don't care if I'm pregnant or not."

I leave him at the table to dance with Isis and the other girls. Hope he knows I'm completely serious.

The night goes by without incident and I'm sure to go to bed alone.

I need actions, not words.

*Hey guys! I'm going to try and finish the story ASAP so I can publish some of my other works that have been waiting to be read!

Thanks for sticking with me :)

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