Chapter 10

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Okay, so now is the right time to tell you what happened in the crash.

We were on our way home from tryouts for the Nationals, our team, obviously, had got in. Anyway, I was so excited that I kept distracting the driver, my boyfriend at the time, Lucas. I thought he was the one and I thought he was so special that I lost my big V to him. It turned out to be a mistake obviously, he had also been "fooling" aroind with half the girls of cheerleaders. The ones I thought were my friends.. Boy was I wrong.

Back to the crash, we were on one of the main highways where a huge truck crash had just happened was being cleared off the road in time. As the line of traffic came into view it was too late. Lucas had been paying too much attention to me in the passenger seat.

I had been telling him about how excited I was for Nationals and he had been sitting there quietly listening to me like a good boyfriend. Just as I screamed for him to watch out it was too late, the car the had just swerved out of its line into the one that was moving was infront of it and we crashed into it, going 115km an hour, making it my fault for the death of four people. Lucas, Claire, Katherine and Lulu, my younger sister who had been travelling with us because she wanted to watch me cheer my hardest.

As I stared at the bodies infront of me, someone came up beside me and wrapped me in a blanket, as we were getting into the car, they whispered something in a different language and since that moment, I have been able to hear thoughts.

The first thought I ever heard was, I'm sorry it had to be you, and then they somehow cleared their thoughts or blocked me from their thoughts.

We had travelled in silence to my aunts house, which is how I ended up here, in this small country town outside of Boston. There was only a couple of hours difference between us.

My mum passed away a year later. Her depression over the loss of my sister was too much for her and when it was at its worst, she committed suicide. My dad died a couple months later because of excessive drinking.

Two years later and I'm still mourning the losses, though I deserve the pain, it was my fault.

And I can't fix it. Ever.

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