Chapter 20

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As I walked down the hall of my new school, I took my time to take in the scenery. Every room was coloured a bright cheerful colour, and full of updated technology. The desks in every room had an iPad and Apple laptop sat in the corner. It seemed so surreal. I was used to dull, boring classrooms and using the good old pen and pencil. I checked my timetable and saw that my first and last thing of the day was PC and it was in the room LIB3. I was near a room before that said LIB1 so I guess its down this way.

I walked and walked and walked until it felt like I was going in circles. Damien, if you can hear me, I need your help, I thought to him.

What is it!? What's wrong? He thought back immediately.

I was about to reply when I heard something behind me.

"Hey are you alright?" a boy asked from around the corner. He kind of reminded me of Damien. They had the same hair colour and eyes. I remind you of him because he is my brother you dumb little human, he thought.

What did you just say? I thought to him. He looked surprised for a minute then composed himself and looked smug.

So what are you? He thought.

I honestly don't know. I've been like this for a while now. It happened after a near death experience. He looked thoughtful.

Your definitely not human. Your scent, it is has if I just can't get enough, he came closer to me and touched my cheek, I feel sparks by the simplest touch of skin and your lips. He leant down and gave me a simple brush across the lips with his own. They are red, soft and irresistible.

I don't know what happened but when he touched me I felt sparks and I've only ever felt that with Damien before. I thought werewolves were only meant to feel this way with their mates, if so why was I feeling like this.

Mate, she's your mate. Must be with mate, his eyes widened in shock at the same time mine did.

No, no, no this isn't possible, Damien is my mate and I love him.

But if you loved him why did you let this stranger touch you? Kiss you? Why!? My inner voice said to me.

"You're not my mate, you're his" he whispered to me. I could see the tears sparkling in his eyes. I couldn't handle his pain. I went closer to him and, hesitantly, I wrapped my arms around his waist, holding him close to me. He immediately drew me in as close as he could. His warmth and scent cased me in, making me never want to let go. I held on tighter and so did he.

Ever!! Where are you? What's wrong? Damien's worried voice floated through my mind,

I'm fine, I thought I was lost but it is okay now, I thought to him.

"Calm your mind, my love. Just let go and you won't have to have to worry about hearing thoughts. Simply, calm down. Breathe in time with my heart." He said to me. With every beat I took a deep breath and let it out. Eventually all I could hear were my own thoughts and I was relaxed. My head didn't hurt from blocking out thoughts. The one thing I kept to myself, blocking people drained me so I didn't. I just ignored the thought buzzing inside my head and focus on the outside.


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