Chapter 3

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The first thing i heard was the sound of my stomach growling, in need of attention. I must have over slept!! Dammit. Now I'll be late for school or worse, I've completely missed it. As I started to stir, I looked to the left of my bed where my alarm clock was. It read 3:38 Monday 12th, March 2012. That’s weird, my date hasn’t changed, maybe the batteries are dead. I decided to leave it til later. As I slowly sat up, something came crashing down upon me. I had fainted in science yesterday, but worst of all, I HAD FAINTED IN FRONT OF DAMIEN!!

I groaned out loud by accident. As soon as it left my mouth I heard shuffling coming up the stairs. There was a soft knock on the door,

"Come i--" I started but stopped suddeningly as Damien stepped into my room.

"Eeeeekkkkk!! What are you doing in my room!?" I squeaked out as he leaned against the door frame with a smirk on his face, if possible, making him look even hotter.

"Nice to see you've made your self at home in my room."

"Your room? What are you talking about, this is my room. Not yours."

"Actually it's mine. After you fainted, I brought you back here. T-o m-y h-o-u-s-e." He spelled out for me like i was a three year old.

"I'm not three you know," my bliss was short lived, "And who the hell do you think you are bringing me back to your place. Why wouldn't they just ring my parents to come and get me, huh? Why would they let you, Damien whatever, take me home?"

"Well I, umm, I" he began to stutter out. It would have looked adorable if I weren't so mad at him.

“Well spit it out already why don’tcha?” I said placing my hands on my hips as I finally got up.

“W-well you see I can’t tell you…” he left the sentence open ended.

“And why is that huh? Some kind of top secret mission that you’re secretly on or maybe you can compel people. Oooohhh I’m so scared.” I said in my most serious tone with my most serious face on.

“I’m sorry. I really can’t but just to break the tension, the look on your face right now is priceless. And I mean really some top secret mission? Is that the best you can do? Babe, I’m a t-e-e-n-a-g-e-r and….” I could hear him in the background and see his lips moving but I couldn’t understand a thing he was saying. I was too busy thinking about how he called me babe. I mean the hot, new guy called me, Ever (the weird girl of the school), babe!! I could die right now and not care if I went to heaven or hell. As long as I remembered what he said.

“Ever!!” he yelled while waving his tanned hand in my face. I quickly slapped his hand away and burst out laughing when I saw the look on his face

“Why did you hit me?” he mumbled while rubbing his hand where I had slapped it.

“Because you were annoying me of course” I got out after taking a few breathes in between each word.

While he sat there looking embarrassed, I sat here laughing my head. I eventually had to stop laughing because I started to choke due to the fact that I couldn’t breathe.

“Are you done yet?” he asked looking slightly bored yet annoyed.

“Yes,” I quietly breathed out while smiling like a complete maniac.

“Good, cause I’m starved, what about you?”

My stomach growled. Loudly. In an answer to his question. He just started to laugh as he walked out of the room.

I literally had to run just to keep up with him. Just as I caught up, he started to walk faster, taking the stairs two at a time. So I just slowed down and smiled as he began to slow down as well. Now was my chance to catch up with him. So I took it.

As quietly as I could, I ran down the stairs and jumped on his back. I felt his laugh rumble through his back as he slid his arms underneath my legs and hoisted me up higher. I squealed as he did this and wrapped my legs tightly around his waist. He laughed under and decided to run down the stairs while listening to me squeal like a little girl.

This was the most fun I had had in a while.

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