Chapter 8

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In the end I didn't kill him, I almost did but I couldn't bring myself to do it. In reality, when I tried to tackle him, he didn't even move an inch, if he was a normal human I so could have taken him.

In my old life, where I was a normal teenager, I was head cheerleader, so my muscles were pretty good for a girl because I was always trying hard to work out and to do a lot of lifts and flips and handstands and that kind of stuff. In my old school, I was Queen Bee and no one could have taken it from me, until "that day."

"Hopeless," I mumbled as he sat on my butt, holding my arms above my head,

"Get out of it then," he thought holding my arms just a little looser.

"Okay," I thought back. I tensed my arms making him think I was going to use them, then threw my legs up and wrapped them around him. Making me curled up in a ball. I pusshed him forward and flipped us around. Putting me on top and him underneath me.

"Whose laughing now?" I thought as I leaned down and placed a kiss on the side of neck, holding back my laughter as he squirmed underneath me and I just tightened my legs around him.

After ten minutes of struggling, he finally gave up by whispering in his mind "Mercy," causing me to fall of him rolling on the floor, gasping for air as I continued to laugh my head off.

The look on his face caused me to laugh even more. He let out a long breathe, sighed, got up and sat on the end of his bed, crossing his arms over his chest. I don't think he realised but a cute little blush was making its way across his cheeks.

As he placed his head in his hands, I jumped up off the floor and tackled him onto his back. As I sat on his lap, and he smiled up at me, I caught the last of his thoughts just before he blocked them out:  mate.... mate... mate.

"What's a mate I asked him?"

"Well...." he started.

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