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  • Dedicated to Chloe Moore

Ever had that feeling that your being watched?

I get it all the time. It's not that I'm actually being watched its that I can feel it or actually I can hear it.

You see ever since my near death experience I can hear people's thoughts. Some think of it as a gift. I think of it as a curse. It brings headaches, along with nausea.

Sometimes it is useful, like to know what people think of me.

Most people think I'm a freak ever since I accidentally let it slip that i knew our teacher was going to kill himself because of a divorce.

My name is Ever, I'm 16 soon and this is my story.

It was a warm day, so warm that I went for the white shorts at the very back of my bottom draw instead of my well worn black skinnies. I match it with a gold tank and a pair of white and gold skates. All from my old life... The life where I was happy and loved.

As I walked down the long drive to where my car was, I thought about how it was so much like my old self to where something like this. A little showy but not too slutty.

My blonde hair reached just above my knees, and my green eyes stood out against my pale complexion. For once in a while... I felt beautiful.

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