Chapter 14

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As I stepped out of the shower I reached for the towel and wrapped it around myself. I walked into my room but  that was when i remembered that I didn't have any clothes, because i wasnt in my house. Gah I'm such an idiot!!

Im sure he wouldn't mind if I borrowed a pair of his clothes. I tiptoed my way over to his wardrobe and opened his top draw. I found his boxers in there and in the second draw I found one of his shirt, a black one that would fit snuggly on his body.

I went back into the bathroom and left the door open a little bit. I dropped the towel and started to pull the shirt over my head. As i got my arms through, the door opened a little bit and I thought it had just been wind or something from the window or a fan. Then i heard the low growl come from behind me. As i spun around, i found Damien leaning against the door as his eyes traced every inch of my body they could see. His eyes changed as i watched. They turned to a deep, fluorescent gold. Uh-oh, i am pretty sure i should be running at the moment but then he is a hunter and he wouold like to chase me around while I'm literally partially naked. What do I do? What do I do? So i just quickly grabbed his boxers and slipped them on.

They were a little too big so i had to roll them over a couple of times. When i had finished rolling them, they literally rested just below my ass. Looks like i am going to have to go home.

"So, could you drive me home," he growled at me saying no, "so i can get some of my own clothes? Please?" I begged him.

“Fine, but just to get clothes and I want to meet your parents too,” he said grinning at me evilly. There was a stab at my heart and I knew exactly what it was, it was the feeling of my own family, my blood rejecting me. Sending me to someone I had never met and they didn’t even shed a tear over me leaving. They just threw my stuff into the car and drove me there. Leaving with a goodbye and a hug.

“Looks like you’ll be meeting my aunt considering my p-p-parents are... d-e--add and my brother didn't want me," i eventually choked out.

I saw the look in his eyes has he remembered the story i had told him. i didnt mean to be... bitter but he shold have remembered.

"Ever.. I'm so so sorry. I totally blanked, i didn't even remember. I'm so sorry. Please don't cry, please don't" he cooed to me. My nerves started to calm down but that was it. I was still hurt, but I didn't want him to know that.

"Whatever, let's just go please?"

"Okay," he saw straight through the mask I had put up. Just like I saw straight through him. He was hurt. Very hurt.

Why can't she just....... had I just heard parts of his thoughts?

I thought he blocked his thoughts from everyone.

What was happening? Was it me? Or was he just that hurt?

Was something wrong with my 'power'?

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