Chapter 2

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We were just rounding the corner as I saw this blonde bundle of joy running down the hallway screaming,

"Damien!!!!!!" then all of a sudden i felt the air knocked out of my lungs as Damien fell back on me while trying to catch this bimbo that was now all over him like there was no tomorrow.

"Sorry got to go" i muttered as my feet began to move without me. I felt the tears spring to my eyes. Why the hell was I crying! I barely even knew the guy. Correction, I didn't know the flipping guy!!

All of a sudden, my arm was yanked back and I slammed into a very hard chest.

"What the--" I was cut off as a hand covered my mouth.

"None of that language shawty," I heard a deep voice retort behind me in a very rude way.

"I'm sorry, I thought you would want to be alone,"

"With her," his eyes turned to her and his face contorted into the funniest expression EVER!! "No thank you, I'd much rather your company." His smile broadened as those last words left his mouth.

I couldn't help, I laughed harder than i ever have in my life. It felt good.

As I controlled myself again, I looked over to see him with a cute little blush on his cheeks.

"Your laugh, it's amazing" I heard him whisper as him slowly made its way around my waist and he hauled me of to the Lab where we got to disect an icky as brain from a cow.

All that lesson, I felt my face turn paler and paler, as Damien stood there laughing at me with this string thing dangling from his fingers. I thought I was going to be sick.

"I don't feel so well" I mumbled as my vision blurred.

The last thing i saw was his worried face as his arms reached for me. Then I hit the ground. Hard.

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