Chapter 1

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First Period: what else could you do in english but day dream. I mean come on, who really care about Romeo and Juliet. Sure, they are the world's best known lover's but I'm sure there are more important things in the world. like why the hell is this girl in front of me thinking about our teacher like "that" !? I mean come on!! that just spells slut with a capital S!

Anyways... Near the end of the period, I noticed there was someone new in the classroom. How could I of missed him? Tall? check. Dark and handsome? check. Beautiful eyes you could look into all day? Check. Staring at me? check. Wait, what? How could I have missed the fact that he is staring straight at me!! Oh my god, what if there is something on my face or my hair is messy. It had been so long since i had the hot guys attention and now that I had it , I didnt know what to do.

It had only just caught my attention that he was walking towards me. So what else was I supposed to do but flee the class room. It was either that or stand there stuttering like a complete idiot. Just as I made it to the door...

"hey" i heard as a arm shot out towards me.

"ummm h-h-heyy-y" i finally got out.

"I'm Damien" his voice was so hypnotising.

"Ever" i mumbled under my breath.

"So Ever, I have realised now that you are heading in the same direction as me" my breathe caught "do you wanna walk together?"

"Sure" I said as my mood suddenly spiked up about a million notches.

As we started walking together, I started to feel comfortable around him.

Maybe we could be friends, though I would much rather more....

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