Chapter 19

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Perks of having an alpha boyfriend/mate, you get to go to school in style. He had driven us to school in a sleek black Porsche!! As I stepped out of the car, everything went quiet. I knew I would be well-known, going to a were-wolf school and being the Alpha’s mate, but this was a bit over board. Damien came around to my side of the car and grabbed a-hold of my hand. He led me over to a group of guys that all had their arms around a girl. I’m guessing that they had all found their mates already.

“I want you to meet my friends babe,” his husky voice sent shivers down my spine. I took this time to look out of my peripherals and look at his outfit. He was wearing a pair of dark wash jeans that clung to muscled legs. His shirt was a football jersey of some sort. One the back was the number 11 and the name DeLuca.

“What position do you play?” Damien suddenly stopped and turned around, walking towards me with an evil glint in his eyes. I took a step back for every step forward he took. Soon enough my back was against a tree and his hands were on either side of my head, supporting the weight of his body, has he lent towards me. His intoxicating smell invaded me and I couldn’t help but close my eyes and inhale it. He smirked then leaned his head to the side so his breathe tickled my earlobe.

“Babe….” He sighed “ I’m the quarterback.” My eyes widened in shock, more to the fact that his head was so close to mine and also because, well he was probably the school player and bad boy. You know the quarterback stereo type. He chuckled at my reaction and casually draped his arm over my shoulders. I relaxed instantly at the sound of is velvety chuckle. “Come on,” we walked back to the group we were originally heading to.

As we got closer, I started to stress. All the girls were beautiful, literally, and the guys were hot. With a capital H.  

“This is Blake, his mate Taylor, Leo, his mate Claire, Josh, his mate Cassie, Isaac, his mate Laura, Rhys, and his mate Kaitlyn. Well that’s my friends for you.” As he said each name, he pointed to the person he was talking about. One thing they all had in common was they looked alike.

Blake and Taylor both had the same blue eyes but Taylor had jet black hair with a midnight blue streak while Blake had a sandy blonde hair colour.

Leo and Claire both had bleach blonde hair but Claire had a florescent pink streak through hers. Blake’s eyes were green while Claire’s were a grey colour.

Josh and Cassie both had tan skin (you’d think that because their werewolves they would have a hot ass tan but noooo). They both had brown hair although Josh’s was a shade or to darker. Laura had a green streak in her hair. They both had green eyes that stand out. You’d think it would look strange but they made it look beautiful.

Isaac and Laura were both pale skinned with blue eyes and blonde hair. They matched perfectly. Angels is the first word that came to mine when I first saw them.

When I looked at Damien, I saw nothing in common, but then I guess the saying is true. Opposites attract. The one thing we had in common was we lost the ones we love in some form of bad way.

Rhys and his mate Kaitlyn were both pale-ish with black hair and green eyes. Kaitlyn had a streak of purple in her hair.

All the girls had streaks in their hair. I wonder why?

“It’s because when we were younger, twelve or so, we all wanted to do something to show we were best friends, so we put a streak in our hair of all our favourite colours.” Laura answered. She looks so innocent. Isaac must have heard that because as soon as I finished it, he smirked and Laura sensing it looked over at him then whacked the back of his head.

“Don’t be so rude. People don’t need to know about our sex lives!!” as soon as those last words left her mouth; she blushed the cutest shade of rosy red. Isaac leant down and whispered something in her ear. He then gave her the most charming smile and kissed her cheek lightly. She giggled and grabbed his hand then led them away.

“Awww... They are such a cute couple.” I can’t wait until Damien and I are that close.

“That can be arranged. Soon, very soon love.” At the end there was this cute little wink that he added. He friends howled with laughter and gave him a pat on the back. The girls rolled their eyes and hit them across the back of the head. They walked over to me where we all linked our arms and walked away from the boys. I smiled, happy, that I had made some friends already.

“Hi, I’m Laura.” She seemed really nice when she said that. “Hey, I’m Ever.” I replied to her shyly. Some habits die hard.

“Ooh I love your name!!” One of the girls’ squealed. “Oh by the way, I’m Kaitlyn”

“I’m Claire!” The very end girl squealed.

“I’m Taylor!!!!” She was by far the loudest.

“And I am Cassie. It’s nice to meet you.” She seemed very strict on her beliefs.

“Hey it’s nice to meet you all. Could you, ah, maybe I don’t know….. Show me where the front office is.” They all laughed and walked inside the huge building.

“Okay, so this is not your average high school. The only humans in here, well they are the mate of a werewolf. A common asked question, the answer is yes our teachers and students are allowed to have relationships. Every classroom has state of the art technology. Laptops, iPads, movie theatre, dorm rooms, you name it we most likely have it. They are very lenient to their students. You will most likely be in every class with Damien so therefore you will be in every class with us and the boys.” I smiled at this. “Also, Damien has had you transferred to this school. I only just realised that you wouldn’t know why he was at that school in the first place. Well Damien has a human friend there who was just injured and he was going to check up on him. (A/N: Confusing I know but Ever has been transferred to an ALL werewolf and mates school. It would make it easier for me to be able to talk about werewolf’s openly etc. Sorry for any confusion.) and this my love, is the front office.”

“I believe she is my love,” Damien’s husky voice came from behind us. “I can take it from here ladies. Your men are in need of some attention if you know what I mean. Thank you for your help.” Damien hooked his arm through mine and led me into the front office. It was a rich purple colour. I like it. A lot.

“Time table for Ever please,” Damien said to the lady behind the front desk. She handed it over and we walked away without a thank you or anything.

Well that was rude and why didn’t he even have to say my name? Damien started to chuckle to him self suddenly, wow my boyfriend is crazy. All of a sudden, he gave me a death glare and stopped in the middle of a hallway, crossing his arms over his chest. He looked like a three year old. I wonder why he stopped in the middle of the hallway nobody was around him. I bet anyone around me could hear the wheels spinning in my head. Oh my god!! I got it. He heard what I was thinking.

That means he is simply throwing a temper tantrum. Grow up, I thought to him. I turned on my heel and walked away from him, not really caring if he followed or not.

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