Chapter 13

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“You are just so hilarious,” I sarcastically told him. I took a scary looking stance (placing my hands on my hips and glaring at him). It wasn’t actually that scary but he put a fake look of fear and held his hands up in surrender. That just made me glare at him even more, big mistake. Time to pull out the big guns.

I’m not going to talk to you until you play nice to me, I thought to him. As soon as the words left my mouth, well should I say mind (heheheh), his eyes widened and he went very pale.

“I’m so sorry, please talk to me. Pretty, pretty please talk to me. I don’t know what I would do if you don’t,” he looked at me with pleading eyes.

Do you promise to be nice to me?, i thoguht to him

"Yes!! I promise I will be nice to you." He practically shouted at me.

"Fine, I'll talk to you then," I said with an evil smirk on my face. He came running over to me and picked me up, spinning me around. "That isn't a good idea, remember what happened before?" I mumbled, suddenly not feeling very good again. What is wrong with me!?

"Oh yeah," he  quickly placed me back on my feet then walked me over towards his bed. "Maybe you should rest a little," he said while pulling back the covers of his bed, "Here, lay down."

"Please, stay with me," I whispered as he pulled the covers up and around me. I heard him sigh, then I felt the bed move and strong, warm arms pulling me against them. I curled up into him, my legs tangled with his while my head rested on his collar bone and in his neck. I inhaled the smell of him and fell asleep like that.

"Sleep tight, my lil' princess," he whispered while placing his lips on my forehead and leaving them there while I slept.


The only sound I could hear was my feet crunching against the dead leaves on the ground as I ran for my life. I couldn’t remember what i was running from but it seemed to be my life on the line.

I could hear the screams in the background and smell the smoke in the atmosphere.


I felt a stinging in my lower back...

I bolted up, covered in sweat and taking deep breathes. My dream felt so real. I looked beside me and saw Damien sound sleep. He looked so peaceful. I decided to take a nice cold shower to wake myself up. I pressed a light kiss to his peaceful face and tip toed into his bathroom. I couldn't find any towels so I just used the ones that he obviously used. They smelt just like him.

I stripped off my clothes and walked into the large shower.

I scrubbed at my skin until it was red. I felt so dirty after that dream, it had felt so real and I almost believed it was. But that was impossible, wasnt it?

Something must be wrong. My emotions are too much at the moment.

As I massaged the conditioning lotion into my hair, I thought back to the dream. I wonder what I was running from or who I was running from. It must have been life-threatening or else I would not have ran away from it, I would have stood there and faced it, whatever ‘it’ was.

I have never been scared since the fire. The night I lost everything I ever loved

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