Chapter 16

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I just stood there with my mouth half hanging open, while Damien just said ‘hello, Kaia’ and walked in without an invite or anything. I mean I know my aunt is nice looking and everything but still, I mean what kind of a guy just walked in on his girlfriend’s house without an invite or anything. Maybe I should just teach him some manners.

“Hello Alpha Damien, dear” What the F is going on here!!

“Dear stop standing there with your mouth hanging open and come inside with Damien, dear,” my aunt said in her light voice. I felt my feet move but as I walked past, my aunt closed my mouth for me with a little push to my chin. The only noise in the room that could be heard was the snap of my jaw, the shuffling of feet and a slight humming noise from the T.V in the corner of the room.

In the corner of the room I saw a little comfy looking stool so I went over and sat on it. I don’t know how I managed it but I made my way to it and sat down. I heard the faint voices in the background but I couldn’t understand exactly what they were saying. I was in some sort of daze, a million questions. No clues and no answers. How did she know? Is she a werewolf? Oh my god, what is wrong with my family?

All of a sudden a bang sounded in the room and my cheek stuck from an impact I didn’t even know happened. My aunt stood in in front of me with her hand raised. I felt anger start to boil in me. How dare she hit me, who does she think she is? She may be family and may have taken me in but she has no right to hit me.

“I hit you to snap you out of that unnecessary trance my dear,” her voice croaked at me but I think the words just went in one ear and out the other. Then I understood it.

“How?” I didn’t even understand myself. My voice was emotionless and held no tone. Just a flat sound with no meaning.  

“Dear, I am known as the pack doctor. It is my only reason for living, well was. Now I have you to live for. I was a werewolf you know? Before they took him away from him. They tortured my mate for days and days. We were searching for so long that I thought I would never see him again. Damien came to our house one day to tell me that they have news of my mates location.

He was on the outskirts of another state in an old farm house that was never used. He was taken by the pack that had been recently rejected by our pack to from an alliance. We wanted nothing to do with them, they were known to be violent and take away members from their own pack and use them for their own pleasure. We didn’t want to put our own through that so we declined the offer politely. They of course did not want to accept that.” She took this moment to take deep breathes and control herself. There were endless streams of tears running down her face and her eyes were void of colour and emotion.

“When our pack went to retrieve them I, of course, followed them and what I saw. It will never leave my mind, it was horrific. Our pack is the strongest of all. There were wolves everywhere, torn limb from limb. Blood splatter on fur, walls and even puddles on the ground. But what I saw, was my mates head hung on a door. It was meant to be a warning to ward others off. Our pack destroyed there and made sure that they were never to hurt another wolf or human. They were all killed, except those who were force to stay there and be slave for them.” My tears streamed endlessly down my cheeks. Just as my aunts. I could never lose Damien. I wouldn’t be able to live without him.

As this realisation hit me, I tried to imagine my life without him and realised I couldn’t. Before I met him, my happiness was never this great and my heart never this full. To go through what my aunt had gone through and still be alive today was simply a miracle of some sort. I don’t know how she is this strong but whatever the cost was, it couldn’t compare to the loss of a mate.

I slowly stood up and walked, well dragged, my feet across the carpeted floor towards the little couch where my aunt was positioned with her head bowed down. I kneeled in front of her and grabbed her hands in mine; gently I pulled her towards me and cradled her limp body in mine. The only thing telling me that she is alive was is the soft whimpers that escape her mouth and the tears that never seemed to stop. I felt my clothes soaking and I saw my reflection on the mirror hung in living room. My face was red and puffy.

“I promise that you will be happy. You’re my mum now and I love you. I will never let you be alone like that again. You believe in God, yes?” I asked her quietly. My only reply was a stiff nod of her head but that was enough. “Then you will love again. God believes in second chances and he would never let someone as good as you be punished like this.”

“Thank you, my… my… daughter,” I barely heard her but when I did, I couldn’t help but smile. I may have lost everyone but in the process I had gained something even better. I had gained love and family.

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